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Carry Friendly forum

Carry Friendly forum picks up where the old left off. I heartily recommend it.

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Gun color doesn’t affect muzzle velocity

Charter | Berry’s

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Another look at the High Road story

Bayou Renaissance Man recently wrote a summary of the case. I like Peter’s style of writing but cannot elaborate on his speculations about the settlement terms. The best side effect of this ordeal was discovering how many true, supporting friends … Continue reading

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Light/laser carry solution


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Scout optic mount for my “Shortie” M1 Garand

M1 Garand has great sights for day time. At night, the rear aperture is too small. A red dot is faster in any case, so enter M12 Ultimak mount and Insight NVG-compatible micro red dot. It’s mounted far enough forward … Continue reading

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Я не Рэмбо. Просто отказываюсь быть беззащитной жертвой.

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No such thing as a social contract with evil

The tragedy of the Holocaust happened in large part because a whole people thought they had a social contract with their governments. Depending on the country, Jews expected their governments to mistreat them little or much but always within some … Continue reading

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Surprise, mother-muggers!

Gun Tote’n Mamas The bags work for light or left hand guns. Charter Southpaw shown.

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Photographer Scott

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Was Aaron right in his assertion? We will never know…but the Israeli experience suggests that he was correct. The murders of civilians during WW2 are distant history. Massacres of civilians in general remain common…thousands killed in Zanzibar massacre of 1964 … Continue reading

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If situation goes South, fill your paw!

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.44 Bulldog

The reason I promote Charter Arms is their support for Dick Heller. That, and .44 Special is a great caliber, an equivalent of 45ACP in a pocketable gun.

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New edit of an older photo

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One of the reasons to stay out of New Jersey

Their gun laws are insane. I am not using the term lightly.

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Heller Foundation web site updated

Come see the new Heller site. More information, clear layout, new graphics.

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Support Second Amendment Foundation

Just noticed an SAF fundraiser. They do good work, so help them all you can!

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Fluted barrel

Less weight, quicker heat dissipation…more interesting look. DS

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Saved for a rainy day

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England, then and now

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Somewhere between the first date and the wedding ring

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