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BAZ45 in action

Three empties in the frame, four in the air. This carbine has next to no recoil. BAZ45

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XR9S getting closer to delivery time

Boberg | Sideguard

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LRP-07 rifles

I like that rifle…though make mine a 20-rounder. And a more conventional AR in .223

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A fine writing tool

Marko isn’t the only one with interesting writing instruments anymore. Yesterday, Brian Evechin gave me a beautiful pen that he made. I have not had the time to photograph it yet, but I did get a snapshot of another Pocono … Continue reading

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Qualification target

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Bersa .380 holster

Yet another holster by Erik Srigley.

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.357 Magnum in an auto pistol

While in Minnesota, I got to introduce Arne Boberg to Dan Coonan. Dan’s .357 autoloader is only fractionally larger than an M1911, holds the same seven rounds and runs either 38spl or 357mag. I was always curious why people liked … Continue reading

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Threat management tools.

Among people I know who’ve had to defend themselves, PTSD is a great deal less prevalent in those who were successful. A person who is injured in a self-defense situation would have nightmares about it, while a person who succeeded … Continue reading

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Another winsome smile

Sig P225 in a Sideguard holster.

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Bullpup triggers

I keep seeing posts opining that KSG trigger must be awful, “like all bullpups”. RFB .308 and KSG use a very similar trigger design that’s light and crisp. It’s better than any stock AR15 and only slightly inferior to the … Continue reading

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Holsters for P3AT and Charter Undercover

Sideguard | Bladetech | HPR

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KSG = Kills Serious Game?

Now that KSG can handle 2.75″ and 3″ shells, it is even more versatile for dangerous game hunting. Too small for most African dangerous game, it’s quite sufficient for almost anything in North America, especially with the right ammunition.

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A complete CQB solution

Kel-tec | DDupleks | Yankee Hill Machine (sights)

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My new favorite slugs

This caught my attention last Fall and I made a point of doing gelatin tests, then meeting DDupleks crew at SHOT show. 20ga slug is only 19.5g (2/3 oz) and its velocity is 450m/s (1475fps), so the recoil impulse is … Continue reading

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This is why you see numerous Charter revolvers on this blog

Of all the firearm makers, Charter Arms has been the most supportive of the Heller Foundation. In turn, I am supportive of them. If you can make a small donation to Heller Foundation, please do it. If you can make … Continue reading

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