Good time at the range

Had a good time at the range today with a couple of visitors (Ally from Seattle, Marina from New York), a trio of local Marines (Jerome, Aaron and one of their friends whose name escapes me just now) and Charles St.George with his son Arran. Charles brought three rifles of his design, a Leader 50 bullpup, a Bushmaster M17 and a Leader Dynamics T2 MK5. Using those and suppressed Keltec SU22 and Tactical Solutions .22 upper on an AR15, the Marines instructed my visitors in effective use of rifles.

Although thirty years old, T2 shot well and had minimal felt recoil. Internally, it is simpler by far than AR180 and the design is more robust. Trigger was a bit heavy but very crisp and the sight design ingenious. The only update on it was a Micor 1N9 flash hider, otherwise it was as imported three decades ago.

Although light, the rifle didn’t warm up very much on firing. The handguards are thin enough for comfortable hold and have swells to keep the support hand from shifting. It’s definitely industrial looking. You can tell it’s an older design by the lack of the Picatinny rail and unfenced magazine release (though the button is sufficiently well sprung to avoid accidental mag drops).

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6 Responses to Good time at the range

  1. Hope you took good, detailed pictures of the weapons themselves… you know how much I love your work!!

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  3. Turk says:

    Had an AR-180. Didn’t like it much. The Bushmaster M-17 is really the ONLY .223 Rifle I’ve ever been interested in owning, but they’re all too damned expensive here in NY….Hmmm… an M-17 in .458 SOCOM/.50 Beowolf ……THAT is an intregueing idea!!!

  4. anonymous says:

    According to Billll (yes, that’s with four “L”s), the T2 Mk 5 uses some of the same parts as the AR-180. (see also here).

    He ended up trading the T2 Mk 5 for a Hi-Point 4095 .40SW carbine.

  5. Mark says:

    Somewhere in the back of my safe is an unfired Leader T2 I bought around 1982 or so. It is nice to see a bit of interest in them again.

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