An Act of Self-Defense, the book

I just read it and recommend it to others: An Act of Self-Defense by Erne Lewis. The book describes a possible future along the lines of “Unintended Consequences” but with somewhat greater realism. The writing quality is decent, the plot likewise, mostly it’s food for thought.

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  1. Brian says:

    Erne introduced me to Ayn Rand back in 2000. Never been the same since. I look forward to reading the book.

  2. I just finished Bracken’s Castigo Cay on the Kindle and was looking for something in a similar vein. I had Erne Lewis’ book downloaded to the Kindle about ten seconds after I read this post. Scary how fast that can happen. Thanks again, your recommendations are always valuable.

  3. eriko says:

    So Ernest Callenbach (way left) of Ecotopia (the book) fame wrote an interesting book as few years back called “A CITIZEN LEGISLATURE” based on the idea that the constitution does not really say anything about how you select the house of representatives. It just says how many and how to add them. He basic thought was that you use the Jury poll to select the members. It is a rather entertaining idea. One of unfortunate probably results is that you end up with un elected advisors being the longterm memory and effectively setting policy. The same may be true with quick turnover (via the term limit part not the offing part) of elected instead of random selected. This is not to say that both Erne’a and Ernest’s ideas do not have merit. At the very least it cause enough chaos to distract the .gov for a while.

  4. Bob Ralke says:

    Just finished the book and enjoyed it alot but still find Unintended Consequences to be my favorite. Interesting how much you hear in news now the talk of self serving motives of politicians both here and south of the border.

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