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Rainier Arms rifle

Built on AXTS receiver, it uses a medium weight barrel and the light, thin, skeletonized Samson forend. The balance is awesome. Not sure what to think of the 45* safety — it’s faster than the 90* but all my training … Continue reading

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Effect of US depression on China

I’ve seen a number of theories that US depression would damage Chinese economy. Given the inferior good status of most of the imports, wouldn’t China and other makers of budget products win at the expense of Germany, Japan and other … Continue reading

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Small arms for right and left hands

Right hand IWB (brown) and left hand tuckable (black) holsters made by Erik Srigley. Right hand (22wmr) and left hand (38spl) revolvers by Charter Arms. Copper rose sculpture by Galina Rubanovskaya, the lovely wife of the recently mentioned knife-maker Nikolay. … Continue reading

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Essentials for civilized living

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Survival rifle

M6 as a survival rifle confuses me. .410 is hardly an effective shotgun round, while .22LR is efficient but the rifle comes with primitive sights and a rather odd trigger. Switching from rimfire to centerfire is somewhat awkward, so the … Continue reading

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Two sighting options

This CORE15 rifle is set up with Norden Performance 1-6x scope (designed by Ed Verdugo who also designed 1-4x GRSC scope) and Dueck Defense offset sights.

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Aguila SSS 60grain ammunition

Carteach and I just tried the same ammunition, Aguila SSS. His results were not positive — poor accuracy with bullets not even stabilizing. My results were a result of considerable research and quite positive. I tried SSS in a couple … Continue reading

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Offset backup sights

I address similar BUIS to my precision 20″ AR15 but they were standard Yankee Hill sights on Midwest Industries 45* adapters. Dueck sights come with their own mounts and this solution is a little more streamlined. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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vz61 Scorpion

Pistol version of the submachine gun. With a stock, it is a very controllable automatic weapon. Without a stock or an automatic mode, it’s a fairly large 20-shot pistol with low recoil. Scorpion is also imported by Czechpoint.

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Henry Golden Boy .22 carbine

Tom is left-handed, so a lever action works as well for him as a dedicated left-handed bolt action. His P22 is riding in a holster by Kevin Manley on a gun belt also made by Kevin.

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vz58 from Czechpoint. The gun and the magazines are lighter by far than any 7.62×39 AK variant. Shown with AFG2 and Primary Arms “M3” red dot. The sight mount is see-through for the iron sights. Ribbed part of the stock … Continue reading

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Henry Big Boy

In March, I had an opportunity to shoot several rounds through a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt. I am not, ordinarily, a fan of lever actions, but that one clicked with me. Having more rifles than range time, I … Continue reading

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More on the nature of urban riots.

Had the British rioters attacked the homes of the members of Parliament, water cannon or tear gas or live ammunition would have been used by now. But only the mere proles are being affected, so the government forces do little … Continue reading

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On the recent riots

Parks usually warn visitors not to feed wild animals. Habituated to handouts, creatures such as bears get aggressive and attack visitors who disappoint them by not providing the expected food. Then the park rangers have to shoot the “problem bears”. … Continue reading

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.22 Magnum snubbie

Lots of muzzle flash, lots of noise, not much recoil or muzzle rise. A reasonable defensive choice for people who can’t handle a heavy revolver or strong recoil. From a 2″ barrel, penetration with expansion is 11″, ~14.5″ with ball … Continue reading

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Why AK-47?

Two weeks ago, I got a note from Canada: I live in Canada where owning a firearm is not just problematic, but akin to signing a good part of your citizenship and rights away. The majority of people up here … Continue reading

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The right degree of subtlety

This just like one of the shirts I wore to Defcon. People in the know would recognize it, others probably wouldn’t. AR15 bolt face sticker is another such design. It allows recognition by other gunnies with minimal attention from the … Continue reading

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Рога и копыта у негосударевых людей

Что символизирует дар оружия? Доверие. Передавая тебе оружие, я доказываю свою веру в твою дружелюбность и вменяемость. Никто не подарит оружие человеку враждебному или безответственному. Мой подарок так же и доказательство моих собственных мирных намерений. В масштабах страны,  мы говорим … Continue reading

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Messages on a Las Vegas palm tree

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Lockpicking with TOOOL

Examples of old and new locks. TOOOL

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