Keltec KSG in action

Vlad’s usual shotguns are Mossberg 500 and Saiga. This video shows him trying KSG for the first time.

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5 Responses to Keltec KSG in action

  1. Looking at his hand shifting on the slide as he racks it scares me. I’d think some sort of hand stop would be a mandatory device tho YMMV. It’s a interesting design but IMO just like any pump of limited function if a shoulder is damaged while using. This is why I’ve switched to a semi-auto and do lots of weak hand drills.

  2. Vlad says:

    I am not giving up Saiga 12s but I can see these replacing my Mossberg 500s. I had a blast shooting it. The KSG is a lot shorter than a Mossberg 500 for turning corners indoors, and would fit really well in a hiking bag/GHB. Agreed about lots and lots of drills before relying on ANY defensive weapon.

  3. S Ha says:

    So when will it actually be available for sale????

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Every KSG video I’ve seen shows the operator removing their finger from the trigger before pumping the action. It would be reassuring to see someone work the action whilst deliberately holding down the trigger. Kel-Tec said they fixed the dead trigger issue, but as they say, seeing is believing.

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