Luck is often on the side of large magazines

Henry Big Boy

See Ballistics by the Inch for the actual velocity numbers. 240gr Hydro-shock at 1600fps+ seems quite respectable, especially since the recoil in this gun is very mild. I got this carbine after trying the 45Colt version and being impressed with the low recoil and good accuracy with open sights.

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16 Responses to Luck is often on the side of large magazines

  1. Scott J says:

    Wish I could get a decent used lever .44 mag for the sub-$300 I paid for my .30-30

  2. I’ve been drooling over the .44 magnumfor a month.

  3. R. Krieger says:

    If it was a Henri in 44 Mag it woud impress me but it is not

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It’s a Henry Big Boy .44

      • Kristopher says:

        It’s a modern lever action made by a new firm calling itself Henry.

        It is not a good replica of an actual a href=””>Henry rifle.

        I’m sure this more modern variation does work reliably.

        • Oleg Volk says:

          One difference is that the modern version have a forend which the original lacked. 44Mag is also a huge improvement on the 44 rimfire and the later 44-40.

          • Kristopher says:

            Truth there. Although you can load a 44-40 to rather excessive levels if you make a point of never putting that round in a pistol.

  4. Alex says:

    “Can to count up to twelve? Stop on ten!” (c)

    P.S. Any cowboy must know how to count up to twelve…

  5. staghounds says:

    I thought you mat like Elle or Vanity Fair…

  6. Lyle says:

    Henry rifles are cool.

  7. Rivrdog says:

    Now, if that was a Marlin, you could go cobble up some levergun quick-loaders (plenty of advice on it out there) and you have something that you can get at least half of an auto-loader’s speed out of, but a gun which will never be regulated out of existence, and one which shoots a respectable cartridge.

    You have respect with the Buffalo Bore Deer Grenade (240-gr) round:

    You will note over 1900 ft/sec out of a 20″ barrel, and almost a ton of muzzle energy.
    At 150 yards, you still have a half-ton of energy, at only 5″ drop, and you keep 500 #/ft energy to over 350 yards, albeit with 7 feet of drop.

  8. Gewehr98 says:

    Not my first choice in .44 Mag/.44 Special leverguns. Henry rifles have massive brass receivers, and heavy octagon barrels. That’s a lot of weight to pack around for a .44 caliber pistol-cartridge gun.

    Give me a Winchester Model 94 Trapper or even a standard-length Model 94 in .44 Magnum. Slim, lightweight, and still plenty strong enough for any .44 Magnum load you want to run through it. Recoil won’t be a problem, either. Plenty of used Trappers out there, and IIRC, Winchester’s back in business again.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I like those, but I do not have them yet. I photograph what I have in hand.

      • Gewehr98 says:

        Oleg, a Winchester Model 94 Trapper in .44 Mag/.44 Special is on my Christmas wish list this year, to share in all the .44 Special ammo I made for my S&W Model 696. If it shows up under the tree on the morning of December 35th, I’ll be certain to ship it your direction for an obligatory photo shoot. 😉

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