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Pretty is as pretty does

I used to view vz58 as a quaint design roughly analogous to AK47, but uglier. I’ve since become a fan: the rifle is shorter than an M1 carbine and no heavier, while shooting a more potent round with mild recoil. … Continue reading

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Rainier Arms rifle

Two things are special about this rifle: AXTS receiver with all controls duplicated on left and right sides, and the Samson rail is very light and makes for an excellent balance. Rainier | Samson | Dragon Leather holster

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Luck is often on the side of large magazines

Henry Big Boy See Ballistics by the Inch for the actual velocity numbers. 240gr Hydro-shock at 1600fps+ seems quite respectable, especially since the recoil in this gun is very mild. I got this carbine after trying the 45Colt version and … Continue reading

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Promo for Boberg Arms

Boberg Arms | Meco Holsters This pistol has a longer barrel than usual for the slide length. Roughbaugh R9 (2.9″) yields 885fps with this round, while XR9-S gets around 1030fps and does so with significantly lower recoil. Rotating breech does … Continue reading

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Trade show display for Eurosports LLC

Tula Ammo USA

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Slightly more subtle leather

Meco pocket holster and double tuckable magazine pouch for XR9S.

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An awesome pistol deserves a matching holster

Meco holster for Boberg XR9S. The fit and finish on both are amazingly good.

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AR15 wallpaper (1920×1080)

AXTS lower, Bushmaster upper with MI quad rail and BUIS, Primary Arms microdot on a UTG riser, Magpul furniture.

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KSG review up on CTD blog

The Controversial KSG.

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KSG and targets

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KSG ad

The shells are Rio buckshot, penetrator slugs and expanding slugs.

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Shotgun wallpaper (1920x1050px)

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Good carbine for new shooters

Integrally suppressed 10-22 (AAC barrel) with 4x Leupold scope and 25-rd magazine. I try to start new shooters with quiet, accurate and easily operated firearms. It’s important to make the first session fun. Once trigger control and sight alignment are … Continue reading

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Varmint control device

Ruger 22/45 mk3 with Gemtech Alpine suppressor, Primary Arms green dot sight and Viridian C5L light/laser. This belongs to a friend. Entirely coincidentally, squirrels and other rodents around his house have a very high rate of sudden heart attacks.

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Keltec KSG in action

Vlad’s usual shotguns are Mossberg 500 and Saiga. This video shows him trying KSG for the first time.

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Her quiet companion

Glock 17, AAC Evolution 9 suppressor, Insight light/laser

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Another shooter joins the ranks

Today, my friends and I taught a new shooter. Vlad did most of the coaching. Under his expert guidance, Jackie went from never having shot pistol before to hitting bowling pins with a suppressed Walther P22 at 25 yards. She … Continue reading

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Say Hello to my Liiitle Friend!

Spike’s Tactical | Keltec | Wiley X

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Plain or fancy?

How many weapon accessories do you need? New blog post up at CTD.

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