Public notice: all endorsements for Lewis Roy Tippens are hereby withdrawn.

Over the last year, I acquainted Mr.Tippens with a number of friends and colleagues and recommended him for employment. Due to recent actions, I must withdraw any and all past endorsements and recommendations. I further recommend that any information supplied by Mr.Tippens be independently verified.

aka Lewis Leroy Tippens

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11 Responses to Public notice: all endorsements for Lewis Roy Tippens are hereby withdrawn.

  1. Ken Ostos says:

    Oleg, I am truly sorry to hear that your trust has been violated and someone has taken advantage of your good nature. I have not forgotten your kind words to my wife and incredibly kind offer to my family. I sincerely hope that this betrayal did not cost you too much personally or financially. Samara and I are always available if you need a friend. Ken

  2. Vlad says:

    Sorry to hear that.

  3. Joe Thompson says:

    Damn, sorry dude. That sucks that someone would take your imprimatur and sully it. But hey, chin up, you can still look yourself in the mirror, when you found that you had been mislead, you publicly proclaimed it rather than trying to sweep it under the rung as so many are wont to do in today’s society. You are still a man of honor even if your former acquaintance has forgotten that he should be as well.

  4. Sid says:

    But, just to be certain…. we all can still enjoy Aaron Tippin’s music?

  5. Kathrin says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you been mislead. This guy (roy) is my ex husband and im still waiting for certain papers from him….so i know how dissapointet you are.this man cant be trustet!!!

  6. O'Connor says:

    My husband let him live with us, he paid rent on time twice, owes us for 5 months. we know for a fact he stole other peoples property (including ours) when he supposedly moved to myrtle beach or somewhere in SC. He is bi-polar (according to what he told us) and spent 3 months “unable” to find any work or pay for anything. he just picked up & left after 1 days notice w/digital camera he borrowed from someone, several pieces of out electronic computer equip, and left a lot of junk. even left other people’s property here, and now we have to get it back to them. Thanks, Roy–hope NO ONE EVER GIVES YOU A CHANCE AGAIN. you are a user.

    • Kathi says:

      sorry to here that.but he did that to his mom too. i found out that she and her late husband built a house and let him move in.well…after a while he dissapeared leaving them with unpaid bills….
      if you happen to find a kind of mahagony colored book with baby/kids pictures pls let me know.

  7. DeeDee says:

    In response to O’Conner, I heard the same stories from this man. His last story to me was that he had cancer and didn’t know how long he had to live. It wasn’t long after that he disappeared. Even though I did loan (haha) him money I never expected to see it again.
    If by chance you have anything that you can not find the rightful owner I would sell it on eBay to at least recover some of your losses.
    I never let Roy stay over night at my house after the first met in fear I would wake up with nothing left. I was recently widowed when we met and am not sure if he was planning to rip me off and just chickened out or what. He was supposed to spend the night for the first time and all of the sudden he said he didn’t feel good and left. I wasn’t missing anything so I know he did not steal from me. Maybe he actually had a hint of a guilty conscience and didn’t want to prey on me in my time of morning.
    He did have a great way of his way into making you believe he was trust worthy. He did share with me that he had a habit of just disappearing when he got bored of where he was at in his life. That told me he was always on the run from something.
    I will let you all know if by some chance he tries to contact me again.

  8. Cyndee says:

    I have encountered your Roy as well… all of this sounds all to familer. I have always been a lil weiry of him myself. I got the same stories about him being a drifter, that he don’t stay in one place too long, goes throu severe depressions, as well as cancer. Thanks to your blog I will be sure to be very careful of how much I believe and trust him. At this time he is traveling around taking pictures of various females and talking them into nude photography with his trust tactics (probably with that stolen carmera mentioned in previous comment). According to him he is an ex model. He’s even been trying to talk me into taking girl with girl nude photos. So any girls courious enough to have googled him please do not fall for this. He is not a professional photographer and your pictures with him will never amount to anything but his personal pleasures.

  9. Kathi says:

    @all….I’m sorry to hear that he all ripped ya off. All what you are saying sounds so familiar.When we were married he couldnt keep a job.We moved a lot and after our daughter was born I wanted to go back to Germany.Well he came with us…had a job…but i never knew on what he spend the money but we were always short on it.So the landlord kicked us out ,we found a new place got kinda settled but still short on money….he showed up with a computer ….wow…didnt need one but ge bought one. After all ….the day came when I told him that I want the divorce….I moved back to my hometown with the kids and he was supposed to get our stuff and take it up to my parents place …well he did….missing things: camera and a huge pictue book with pics of the kids.he sold the washing machine and other stuff but didnt pay off any bill…..after 10 years I’m still paying off what he had left….due to him my credit sucks.He doesnt care about his daughter….doesnt pay child support and as for the divorce….due to american law he is still married to me because he never ever asked for the papers…(i filled for the divorce in Germany based on German law).

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