Vepr Hunter .308

This rifle is positioned to compete with rifles like Remington 750 Woodmaster. The price, the weight and the other features are fairly similar. Vepr seems like a more robust design overall.

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8 Responses to Vepr Hunter .308

  1. Felix says:

    What about the quality of barrels, аnd accuracy?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Vepr is a 1.5MOA rifle, on part with the Remington. The extra 3/4 pound of weight comes mostly from the heavier barrel and bolt carrier (which in turn makes it more reliable in adverse conditions).

  2. Bryan S. says:

    And due to some archaic regulations, cant be used to harvest whitetail here in PA. Sure would be nice though.

    • Maeryk says:

      Brian.. if you could get a blocked 3 rd mag, you could use it, couldn’t you? Or are all semi-autos (outside of shotguns) still blocked? Actually.. if it uses the two-rod gas system you could just take the front rod out (or leave the rod out entirely) and then it’s a single shot. (I had a friend who used to drive game wardens nuts, by hunting with an SKS with no op-rod in it)

  3. Lanius says:

    Hmm. An AK variant that is not butt-ugly…

    What’s the price?

  4. BGMiller says:

    Any chance for some good iron sights for it?
    Maybe move the rail forward?


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