Springtach universal holsters

Hailey has two identical holsters in different colors. One has a Taurus 24-7 with Viridian X5L, the other M&P9 with Streamlight TLR2. Both can be switched from left to right hand configuration. An M1911 with a Surefire light would fit the same holsters.


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2 Responses to Springtach universal holsters

  1. Mozart says:

    Blonde, Brunette, really doesn’t matter still Hot.

    The carry looks a bit bulky.

  2. Kevin says:

    I got a SpringTac holster based on Oleg’s earlier post. It works well enough I got a second. Mike at the Holster Collection was really easy to deal with and very helpful. I carry my Glock 10mm in one and it’s the first holster where the external laser does not get caught or turned on accidentally. Rides well under a suit.

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