Flash hider for 10-22

Rimfire flash hider

Over a decade ago, back in the AWB years, I saw a Levang “linear compensator” and wanted it in lieu of the forbidden birdcage flash hider. At the NRA show, my friend Glenn gave me this cute device. Lacking a bull barrel 10-22, I wonder what rifle should be endowed with it…

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3 Responses to Flash hider for 10-22

  1. John E Davies says:

    I hope that hider has a better inside design than the Levang. I have a Levang on my SU-16C and it likes to eat cleaning patches – there is a large inside cavity that a patch can get trapped in. What a PITA to retrieve! Otherwise I like it, though an alloy one like yours would save some ounces. I’ll be interested to read your review….

    It looks like a blatant copy – how can they do that? JD

  2. Chris says:

    Is it rifle specific? How about a Ruger MarkIII with a bull barrel?


    • John E Davies says:

      It’s a standard 1/2-28 thread and will work on any small bore barrel with compatible threads. It’s a neat design since the muzzle blast is deflected downrange instead of radially. There is a noticeable reduction in blast at the bench, but not a real decrease in noise. Search YouTube for “Levang Linear Compensator” for some interesting videos.

      I do wish this one (and the Levang version) had wrench flats. You have to use a pin wrench or a couple of drill bits or snug fitting rods inserted into the small holes. I may mill some flats on mine….


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