Should I give another try to wing shooting?

Advantage Tactical shotgn sight on an 870 barrel

I am a notoriously bad shotgunner. Part of this is the lack of practice — I get much better a couple hundred of rounds into practice session. But I get 3 of 25 after a long break, which suggests that I am not a natural action shooter. Richard Nasef from Advantage Tactical sent this in recently for pictures, I wonder if it would improve my point shooting at all…

Sight with interchangeable color inserts

The sight picture

Since my only 870 is a 20ga and this sight won’t fit it, I guess the next step would be to buy or borrow one in 12ga. Fortunately, I know just where such a beast may be found.

PS: Turns out this is a sight for slugs and buckshot. Good thing I have a lot of Rio and Brenneke ammo to try out with it.

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9 Responses to Should I give another try to wing shooting?

  1. ZerCool says:

    I’m far from being an expert at clays, but I do OK for a duffer… I can usually drop 20-23 out of 25 on 16yd trap, and went 64/100 the first time I did sporting clays.

    My gut feel/personal opinion is that the sight above is not going to be ideal for clays… there’s too much going on and a (subconscious?) desire to get the sight alignment. Clays isn’t about sight alignment – the focus is the target, with the front bead just peripherally in the picture and well out of focus.

    And I could be entirely wrong, because these are just my WAG’s… so I look forward to hearing your results!

  2. Exactly what ZerCool said. What you are probably doing is trying to shoot the shotgun like a rifle. Wing shooting is much more about pointing and follow through (after you pull the trigger, keep on following the target).

  3. Bill Treanor says:

    What’s worked well for me over the years is focusing on leading and follow-through rather than any sort of sight picture. My best wing shots were the ones where I don’t remember seeing the bead on the shotgun barrel. I have also found that longer barrels work better for me, so my suggestion would be to sacrifice the handiness of the shorter barrel on the police or “riot” type shotgun and use a longer barrel with a vent rib.

  4. MAJ Mike says:

    For some reason, all the dove I hunt wear kevlar.

  5. Firehand says:

    Have you had the chance to run some more ammo through that Turk scattergun? How’s it holding up?

    I still find myself lusting after one, but want to know more about how well/reliably they’re working out before can convince myself to start saving for one

  6. Rob K says:

    I’ve read that more than a few pro’s don’t use any sights at all on their shotguns, not even a front bead.

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  8. Joe. S. says:


    I’ve tried a number of set up’s of Trap, Clays and Skeet and in the end found it’s all about leading and follow through. The sight sample you have is more of an interum defensive sight for standard barrel shotguns having only a bead front sight. It leaves a bit to be desired for a long term set up.

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