PF22 conversion kit

I am a great fan of .22 conversion kits. With PF9, it makes sense — PF9-22 is cheaper to shoot, has less noise and recoil and turns a 14oz defensive pistol into an 11oz kit gun. All that for $199, including a truly robust all-milled magazine. For people who can’t handle centerfire recoil, it’s a viable 10-shot defensive option in itself.

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  1. tad stratton says:

    I’m a big fan of conversion kits. You get more bang for the buck.



  2. John E Davies says:

    I’m not sure I would agree that a $250 PF-9 plus a $235 kit (two mags) is a good choice for self defense for the recoil shy, when you can buy a higher quality Ruger SR22 pistol that will reliably digest any ammo you put in it all day long for significantly less cash.

    How is the Twisted kit in terms of reliable feeding? Have they improved the QC? Some of the early reports were pretty disappointing: …

    I would never ever trust a .22LR for CCW, but if I had to, I would carry the Ruger. If Kel-Tec were to produce some complete pistols in .22LR for $250, then my mind might change, but only if they were not finicky with ammo.

    For training purposes, I think the Twisted kit is a great idea, but only if you CCW the gun with the 9mm parts installed.

    JD, Spokane WA USA

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I like the Ruger and will probably get one this year. It’s only down side is the magazine disconnector. You are right, it would be a very good choice — I didn’t even think of it.

      • Duray says:

        One other unfortunate feature of the SR22 is that the thumb safety lever is, for some reason, up for fire, down for safe.

  3. Paul Koning says:

    If you want a concealed carry .22LR, there is always the NAA Mini Revolver.

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