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Actress Morrigan Sanders

Actress Morrigan Sanders is 14. She’s holding a Model 1916 S&W, British Contract in .455 Webley, Enfield arsenal marked, converted to .45 Long Colt after the War, refinished and with Pachmayr grips. To quote her father: “Morrigan tears out the … Continue reading

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Von Richthofen’s tail gunner.

Judging by the Snoopy painted on her fuselage, in this variant of history the little annoying dog did not triumph. C96 Mausers were in fairly common use among aerial observers until stronger aircraft could mount flexible machine guns.

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A party snapshot: M1 carbines

Yesterday, I had a nice party at my home. Half of the fourteen guests were teenagers ranging from 12 to 19. Three of them, aged 12 to 14 and all left-winged just by coincidence, picked out toys for the next … Continue reading

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Taking 5.7×28 further

Most 5.7×28 arms are short-range defensive designs. Planned bolt actions from Savage and others did not materialize, so this essentially small game/varmint load had no platform from which to realize its full potential. I originally scoffed at the AR57 upper … Continue reading

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New favorite rifle?

This has long been my favorite recreational rifle. With AAC Aviator suppressor on the long barrel, it’s very quiet. 4x Leupold scope allows pretty good aim from up close to about 100 yards. But it has one giant disadvantage for … Continue reading

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Dana at the range

A short edit of old video footage (from March) showing Dana shooting a Sub2000 carbine.

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Had she starred in “Home Alone”…

…that film would have ended much sooner. We are used to viewing teenagers as vulnerable, but that’s in large part because adults have forbidden them defensive tools and bad laws designed to infantilize mature and immature teens are far more … Continue reading

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Your family needs you alive!

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.” ― George S. Patton Jr. “To die for one’s beliefs is indeed a noble touch To live for them is … Continue reading

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False flag operation?

For years, many Australians claimed that the 1996 Port Arthur mass shooting was a false flag operation. This week, many Americans are saying the same about the Aurora, CO mass murder. Not having enough information about either, I can’t say … Continue reading

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Tactical Solutions .22 upper for M1911

Useful for introducing new shooters to M1911 platform.

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A variation on the AKSU theme

A friend just stopped by to show off his new pet, an AKSU variation in 5.56mm. Симпатичная “сучка” получилась.

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Theater seating and self-defense

(Image by People say that any hypothetical defender at the Aurora theater would have run the risk of hitting innocent bystanders. The risk existed but consider how typical theater seats rise rise towards the back. It’s the classic “second … Continue reading

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Smiles all around

(Photo by Jon S.)

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Good outdoor kit

Spartan Blades | PMR30

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FN5-7 vs. PMR30

Add your two cents’ worth on CTD blog.

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One possible use for a PMR30

Fits just fine in an AR15 mag pouch.

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One way to rejuvinate an old weapon

A friend brought in his truck gun today. When it entered the studio, the magazine was full of ball, upon exit of modern defense ammunition. It may be a small change, just better terminal performance and less muzzle flash, but … Continue reading

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Why I always insist on eye protection at the range

Lucky Gunner folks tested a whole bunch of eyewear. Their results were surprising to me. That said, even the junkiest of the safety glasses would turn away gas, so wear at least something — but preferably a high-end pair.

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Who needs armor-piercing ammunition?

For starters, every innocent victim of the psychopath and/or terrorist in Aurora, Colorado. He wore armor. The same people could have used sound suppressors, both to avoid being blinded by their own muzzle flashes in the dark and to reduce … Continue reading

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31 more reasons

PMR30 | GTM purse

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