After the raid.

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5 Responses to After the raid.

  1. MAJ Mike says:


  2. Sandman says:

    Excellent work, for some reason this image is haunting. Perhaps her eyes, or the resistance fighter clothes. Impressive Mr Volk.

  3. tad stratton says:

    You aught to see her face when she smiles. I got to spend all day with her at the shoot.
    Too bad I’m toungetied around gorgeous women.
    Also got to put some rounds downrange from the rifles. It definatly was one of my better days.
    You also need to check out Ian’s web site. A very knowledgeable and nice guy to be around.
    Oleg was also very patient with my assistance.
    I’m building up my tactical squirrel arsenal and the STG is definatly on the list.

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