The best knife for a gunfight?

Probably makes retention drills easier. Might complicate re-holstering.

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6 Responses to The best knife for a gunfight?

  1. It would definitely make pistol whipping a lot smoother.

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  3. Jerry says:

    Hell on thunder wear, just sayin’.

  4. I’m actually having a holster made for it in that configuration, (mind you I wouldn’t want to have to draw that thing in a hurry) and with a pouch for the bayonet when it’s off the pistol.

  5. BobG says:

    “Excuse me, but I have to go clean and sharpen my gun.”

  6. Sid says:

    I bought 5 when Laserlyte was having a sale last year. A pistol bayonet for $2.50. I bought 5 because the shipping and handling was the same for one. Gave the other 4 away as gifts. To a man, no one has been able to put a bayonet on their pistol without smiling. I mean, for Pete’s sake, it is a PISTOL BAYONET.

    Officer: Sir, what did you do with the handgun you used to defend your home?
    Me: That’s it sticking out of his chest. What did you think was causing that tent in the coroner’s sheet?

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