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Smiling wide.

With Chris Cheng’s custom Volquartsen 10-22. (Photo by David Dyer-Bennet, edited by me.)

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CZ .308 counter-sniper rifle

Very handy device.

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A modern amazon.

The bow is for deer, a tasty doe or a wide-racked hart The pistol for evil creatures not so dear to her heart (with apologies to those who actually write good verses)

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The Great Black Hunter

Gremlin and his field staff on a mouse hunt. Two foes in feldgrau fur coats fell prey to his might.

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One more clip or a whole extra gun?

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The best knife for a gunfight?

Probably makes retention drills easier. Might complicate re-holstering.

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Ceska zbrojovka, the classics.

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Two ways to get a shot.

DDB at the ready.

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Plinking today

Went to the range to take photos of Chris Cheng (Top Shot season 4 winner). A couple friends came along, one of them is shown here. This was her third range trip ever. Somehow I didn’t get any photos with … Continue reading

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The Literary Cornered Cat

The amazing Kathy Jackson is now blogging at Cornered Cat. And I recommend every word she writes.

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Amazing rifles shot this Tuesday

223-308-338 — all superbly accurate (we used Black Hills match ammo), all showing mild recoil and very moderate report, with great triggers and ergonomics. Hits on 500 yard steel targets were easy. Good optics obviously helped. More photos by DDB.

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Appleseed event at Manchaster, TN

Stopped by briefly to watch the instructional process. Took photos of other people at the range as well.

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Sufficiently large quantity has a quality of its own

Targets at the Bullpup Shoot were steel clangers. Easy for a .223 with a 4x optic, much harder for a 5.7×28 with a 6MOA CQB red dot. The gentleman with a PS90 had a hard time hitting the targets because … Continue reading

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Triple weapon light

Javelin J600W light, pretty bright.

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Can your rifle be accurately aimed one-handed?

Rogue | Vortex scope and red dot | X14 drum

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FPS Russia

FPS Russia with his M1A-based Rogue bullpup. Skeletonized XS drum shows its internal details. Seen at Rockastle Bullpup Shoot.

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Эволюция слов за двадцать лет.

Интересно, сколько уже лет слово “мыльница” значит преимущественно “компактный цифровой фотоаппарат”? Термин “цифро-мыльница” уже не употребляется (плёночные вышли из обращения), а сами мыльницы для мыла вроде тоже канули в лету. Кто теперь ими пользуется кроме диких туристов… А с распространением … Continue reading

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Rapid fire capable .308

Straight stock layout? Check. Battlecomp muzzle brake? Check. This RFB didn’t rise at all on firing. The SWFA scope also helped: unusually for a 1-4x, it’s a front focal plane design with a twist: at 1x, it has thick cross-hairs … Continue reading

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ZK-22: a neat bullpup stock for 10-22

Saw many awesome new things at the bullpup shoot, but this one was by far the most fun: it’s a bullpup stock for 10-22 with just about perfect ergonomics and balance. The actual stock in the photos was 3D printed. … Continue reading

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“Иной Вариант” Конюшевского

Подскажите, где найти полную книгу в электронном формате. Я непротив купить, но заказывать на бумаге неудобно из-за особеностей доставки через океан.

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