Two Kinds of Martial Art

Grace knows both jiu-jitsu and teppu-jitsu. The rifle is a Crickett with 4x scope.

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5 Responses to Two Kinds of Martial Art

  1. Kerodin says:

    Congratulations to Grace and her parents. Grace is an example of how to raise a self-sufficient, self-confident young woman and lady.


    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks much Kerodin. We are very proud of her. There is a lot to be said for knowing when and how to protect yourself.

  2. Rocky says:

    Grace is being blessed with two very important courses of study that she will never encounter in an American public school!! Congrats to Grace, and a “very well done” to her parents!! Grace, what age did you start with the Crickett? I have a 9-yr granddaughter that I’m wanting to start.

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