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JP SCR11 rifle

JP Enterprises makes a unique AR variation, SCR-11. The receiver is fully enclosed in the back, making it comfortable to shoot suppressed. Folding left-hand charging handle keeps all the gas inside the receiver. The fit and finish are superb, triggers … Continue reading

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Ruger LC9 *in Nashville*

If you own an LC9 and live near me, please let me know.

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AAC/Remington Micro 7 carbine for sale.

Recently, I posted photos of the Micro 7. My friend who provided it for the photos now wants to sell the rifle, new in the box, unfired. The rifle is sold by itself (no optic) for $715. If interested, let … Continue reading

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A journal I follow had a note: “Livejournal is blocked in Kyrgystan, Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, so apologies for the long delay and if I have neglected you guys.” So there’s a definite USSR flavor to some segments of it. … Continue reading

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.22 Conversion Kits for Ruger LC9

I already use .22 conversions on Keltec PF9 and P11 pistols. Recently, Twisted Industries began production of LC9 kits as well.

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Fundraiser for Tamara

A timely summary of the fundraisers for Tam‘s medical expenses. Lacking the time to review all those until now, I put in a little directly but hope to come up with a fundraising idea of my own shortly. Suggestions are … Continue reading

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Friends and sponsors

My friend Jason (who has appeared as a model in many of my posters) now runs Afternow Adventure and Tactical Supply. I recommend him highly. He and his wife Jenna also public On The Trail magazine. Reloader’s Bench have been … Continue reading

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Sarah is 14, Vepr is 308

New from Wolf Arms. With railed top cover from TWS and Enidine hydraulic stock tube. Shown with Csspecs 20rd magazine which has excellent fit and function.

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Bringing Down the Bacon

Buck, Dwayne and Weston (not pictured), along with their dogs arranged the meeting. They guide hunts in Florida and Tennessee and may be reached at 321-960-4287. I ended up running about 500 yards after the dogs to catch up with … Continue reading

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Last Ditch Innovation: German Delayed-Blowback Rifles

Forgotten Weapons just posted a video I helped produce, Last Ditch Innovation about Gerat 06 and 06H. These eventually became CETME and G3 rifles. As usual, the information presented by Ian is top-notch.

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KSG and SU16 Updates

(Tan Ceracoat) (Chromed) (9″ barrel)

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Iver Johnson 1911

Friend’s new carry weapon.

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Where in Nashville Could I get a Laptop Fixed?

This morning, my Windows 7 laptop failed with blue screen. Efforts to boot it yielded “disk access error”. I have no unique data on it, just need to get it functional again. I suspect the problem may be virus-related rather … Continue reading

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Rogue bullpup

M1A action in a Rogue stock, Nightforce 5.5-22x scope, L3 MRDS backup optic. Shorter version without the scope.

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My Girlfriend.

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Defensive Voting.

Two-party system pretty much guarantees defensive voting by informed people. Most Republicans I know hold their noses when voting got GOP. The most common positive view of McCain I heard was “He’s old, maybe he’ll die soon after the election.” … Continue reading

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Color-Matched Defense

Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 with a Galco shoulder rig. Works well for car use.

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Large Bore AR15 is about to auction off this rifle. The point of interest is mainly the caliber, 458SOCOM. Several types from 70gr frangibles all the way up to 600gr subsonics are. SBR makes several loads, as does Load-X. 350gr ball load … Continue reading

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Kim Breed Custom Knives — Sharp Jewelry

A friend brought several knives to show.

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