The version shown is not the final version. UTAS is now shipping an improved variant.

UTS15 | Trijicon SRS | Brenneke slugs | Khyber Training

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14 Responses to UTS15

  1. Freiheit says:

    The firearm is labeled “Right Magazine Capacity” does this imply that the left and right mags are different capacity?

  2. Erin Palette says:

    The purpose of the 1-2-3 button confuses me.

  3. Left and right tube either hold 6 or 7 shells depending on ths size of the shell.

    1-2-3 is for a light/laser that will fit in the end of the gun.

    Now the big question: which to get? The UTS-15 or KSG?

    • WestonMoss says:

      Depends on whether the UTS is being produced in anything approaching quantities able to meet demand.

      I see KSG’s all the time. For twice MSRP.

  4. Tango says:

    Oh, look! Another Kel-Tec gun made of pure Unobtainium!

  5. Boris Karnaukh says:

    Почему-то хочется назвать эту штуку аркебузой 😉

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  7. Tokarev says:

    Hickok45 has a review of the UTS up on Youtube. Oleg, is that your pair of Sordins? I’ve had mine for about 6 years now and love them.

  8. Will says:

    Right hand shooting only. Ohh, well.

  9. what guns says:

    Keep your fancy pants star wars shotguns. Ill buy two 590s and kick their asses akimbo.

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