My take on the current feeding frenzy

I do not think that it will amount to anything in terms of gun control. When our side is voting with thousands of dollars in purchases and many hours of activism, training and lobbying, the other side has only talking and collusive propaganda through the mass media.

The real reason for the gun control talk — in my opinion — is to take the pressure off the administration on the economic front. Everyone has been very concerned about the depression, the coming higher taxes, the massive budget deficits and the attendant defaults on government obligations that they just had to counter-strike somewhere. Just like the Brusilov offensive designed to relieve the French at Verdun, this strategic foray into gun control might accomplish the short-term goal at the cost of squandering much political capital the Democrats have.

If the current administration tries to push gun control in extra-legal ways, then they would be just reaching for the laurels of Ceaușescu. I doubt that any of them would go to the wall for that goal, and the current propaganda blitz is no different from the leaflets the Soviets used to drop over the Finnish lines in 1939. Wishful thinking more than a threat.

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  1. JCR says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more… the hypocrisy of people like, say, Piers Morgan, to call gun activists on “not the time to talk about gun laws now, we should let the families and the nation grieve in peace,” to several of his shows completely devoted to the issue. Same thing with Chris Matthews, less than two hours after the shooting, he was full speed ahead on gun control… all the major main networks (the state run media) had “experts” and pundits on gun control within hours of the shooting and condemned the NRA for not coming forward with statement… which, if they had done, the media would have declared out of place and not timely. You can’t win against such an illogical and irrational gang.

    • Paul Koning says:

      Oh, they are quite rational, it’s just that their actual goals aren’t what they like you to think they are. Sometimes they do slip up. For example, Sen. Feinstein is on record as saying that she’d go for a 100% ban of all legal firearms if only she could get the votes.
      L. Neil Smith has written a lot of good stuff about this, as has Neil Schulman.

  2. CamTec says:

    Gun control. It isn’t gonna happen. The NRA has too many politicians in their pocket. Yes, a lot has been said about gun control in light of the recent mass murders, but when the controversy dies down, nothing will be done. IMO most of the talk by politicians is grandstanding for the electorate.

    • TheIrishman says:

      If anything it wont happen for the simple fact that politicians only care about one thing, REELECTION. There’s a very good breakdown of what seats are up in the coming mid-term election and explanation of why they wont risk it here:

      The NRA has little or nothing to do with it, and to think that they have politicians “in their pocket” is ridiculous. It wasn’t they NRA that cost clinton control of the legislature, it was pissed off voters. I’m certainly tired of the rhetoric about the “EVIL NRA” influencing politics against the “will of the people”. They receive their influence through the size of their membership, something that has been growing by roughly 8k people a day this last week.

  3. Scott J says:

    Wish I could be as optimistic as you, Oleg.

    I said “no way will it actually happen, they’re bluffing” in 1994. I was very wrong.

  4. What I think.

    I hope you’re right, though.

  5. Johnny says:

    My main concern is that the NRA will fail to live up to what’s required. People need to start getting on the NRA’s case. GOA has been the only group making an attempt, from what I’ve seen.

    It’s a crucial pivot point. If the pro-freedom groups can break this push for an AWB then the victim disarmament scum and their collectivist BS are history (ultimately maybe not just in the US but all over the world). There needs to be a real push to dismantle both the BATFE and the DHS, a proper roll back of the police state. If, on the other hand, an AWB goes through, it’s put up or shut up time for all those “cold dead hands” types. Got militia?

    America really is the last, best hope. If you guys haven’t got the balls to do whatever it takes next thing will be full-blown UN Agenda 21 and suddenly “The Hunger Games” will be a documentary… that whitewashed how bad things really are.

    • LarryArnold says:

      I’m wondering where all the “NRA is fear-mongering, gun owners are paranoid, you can vote for Barack Obama because he isn’t going to take away your guns” posters went to.

      The first words out of Wayne’s mouth should be, “We told you so.”

    • Paul Koning says:

      Re “GOA has been the only…” — you forgot the JPFO.
      Re “Agenda 21” — did you read the new novel by that name? Glenn Beck’s name is on it but it looks like it’s mostly the work of his co-author, just as well since it’s well written unlike other Glenn Beck books I have seen.

  6. Bob McPeak says:

    I can foresee the NRA folding faster than Superman on laundry day…

  7. Bear says:

    Johnny: “My main concern is that the NRA will continue to fail to live up to what’s required.”
    Bob McPeak: “I can fore see the NRA folding faster than Superman on laundry day as usual…”

    Fixed it for y’all.

    The NRA/ILA are great for firearms training. But when it comes to protecting rights, and the related political activity, it is essential that you remember that the NRA is not a pro-gun outfit. It is anti-“gun control”; that is, the NRA /ILA and the directors make a great deal of money from “opposing” gun control. No “gun control” to “oppose” = no fat pay checks, which is why we’ve seen the NRA help draft gun bans and sabotage Constitutional carry (and the occasional firearms free speech case), among many other despicable acts.

    There are too many decent pro-gun rights organizations desrving of your support out there for anyone to waste their hopes and money on the NRA.

  8. Arkindole says:

    “If they aren’t bluffing, then it’s a suicide by electorate in progress.”

    I’m glad you got this thesis out there Oleg, but I would not let this issue fade away. I am having your thoughts as well. I’m thinking about all those conservatives that withheld their vote in “protest”, what ever the hell that is (was). I’m wondering whether those “objectors” are outraged by this gun grab on the part of our favorite tyrant(s)–maybe they are not. I do believe this is a distraction for Benghazi, oil, and the economy, but I also believe this is a part of their agenda in the short term. Their timing window is 4 years, at best. They know the mathematics of the economy, and they have to act very soon. The best alternative at this point is to push back very hard to each and every move that they make. It’s time for us to adopt the strategies of the Urban League and ghetto recruiters to get OUR agenda across.

  9. jimbob86 says:

    I think you underestimate the raw, irresistable power of large groups of spooked grazing animals, Oleg. Reason would tell them that the odds of a crazed nutter harming them or theirs with a gun is far lower than them and theirs succumbing to heart disease due to inactivity, but they live in a world ruled by feelings, rather than physics ….. and it’s easier to continue watching the screen than it is to think…… the screen tells them that nobody needs and AR-15 to hunt birds ….. they’ll vote accordingly, and their vote counts just as much as yours, and mine, and we are outnumbered.

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  11. The fact that Obama has put together another commission to study the issue is encouraging to me… seems like he’s ducking the issue until people calm down. If pelowsy’s bill was pushed to the floor yesterday, they could well have gotten it passed. A month from now? With a little luck, we’ll be able to push back.

  12. BLADE says:

    Here in Texas we figure we’ll just ignore any federal law for gun-control, you know much like Colorado and Washington has with the federal possession laws and DC has done with illegal immigration. “Laws, we don’t need no stinking laws”………

  13. Old Windways says:

    I’m assuming that “the laurels of Ceaușescu” is a reference to this guy?
    I’ve never heard that expression, and a quick Google search did not yield much insight.


    -Old Windways

    P.S. I hope you’re right about this just being a distraction technique, but I’m afraid that this is going to mean the end of many politicians supporting RKBA for it’s political expediency. We may be left with only the true believers, and I doubt they amount to enough in the House or the Senate to put a full stop to a new/expanded AWB.

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  15. Norm says:

    I sure hope your right. What baffles me, is how can they take this ‘save the children’ stance and at the same time support the abortion 1.2 million unborn children in 2011.

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