The transparent shotgun

Of the guns I shot at SHOT show Media Day, the competition version of MKA1919 impressed me the most. It was the most transparent clay-busting device ever — I hit 9 of 9  with it though I am a lousy wingshooter. Felt recoil was minimal enough to ignore (below that of a 20ga Remington 1100), it pointed great with an EOTech sight and the ergonomics were just right. So despite the bitter cold and strong wind, I first broke several clays, then figured out that I don’t have to overthink the process and smoked the rest into dust. Five and ten round magazines that load like AR15, familiar interface and — did I mention that, no real recoil — made me hold onto that shotgun like it was my precioussssss. Must have looked funny because everyone around grinned with me.

They are at booth #2825.

Also worth seeing, the Tavors at IWI booth #15238.

More as I get around the show floor and as I transcribe my Media Day notes.

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7 Responses to The transparent shotgun

  1. Cargosquid says:

    You realize that once the leftists see this…this…eeeevil black shotgun, their little heads are going to go into PSH explodey goodness. I’m so happy.

    And I want one.

  2. David W. says:

    Daniel Defense is coming out with a new internally suppressed SBR ar15 in 300 BLK, I’ve seen pictures online but did you happen to get any? Pictures by you can even make a rusty top break revolver look drool worthy. Apparently it only requires one NFA tax because the suppressor extends the 10 inch barrel out past 16 inches.

  3. LarryArnold says:

    Talk about heads exploding, I’d love to see Kimberly Rhode take one to the next Olympics.

    • Scott says:

      Are semiautos legal in Olympic skeet/trap? If they are, I’d also love to see someone using a boxmag shotgun.

  4. Andy says:

    …That MKA1919 is no more aggressive than my Mossberg 590. You know, the one with a bayonet lug, 8+1 capacity, cylinder bore and heat shield.

    The only thing that differentiates mine from the milspec 590A1 issued and carried in my HMMWV in Iraq is the speedfeed stock, thinner barrel and the plastic trigger guard. And less sand in the furniture. And yet, there’s no commentary about “TEH EVIL BABBY KILLING ASSAULT SHOOTGUNZ! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!1!!” from the left about the 590.

  5. Sigivald says:

    At first I read transparent literally, adn was hoping you were talking about a variant with a clear poly case.

    Because that would actually be awesome (until you had to clean it).

  6. imrambi says:

    If you want a MKA 1919, check out the modification that Firebird Precision do. They make the firearm a much better 3-Gun competition firearm.

    They also fix some defects with feeding ramps and other items. Firebird also has a TAC-12 based off the MKA1919.

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