Comblock guns

Back in the 1980s and 90s, comblock guns referred to weapons produced in the Warsaw Pact countries and China. Given the changes in our world since, we may soon be able to apply that term to Armalite rifles produced in Illinois and Bushmaster carbines made in New York, along with Henry lever actions made in New Jersey.

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8 Responses to Comblock guns

  1. Old NFO says:

    Good zinger there Oleg! 🙁

  2. Lupis42 says:

    Don’t forget S&W in MA, Colt in CT, and Kimber in NY.

    All of a sudden, there are a lot more comblock guns I want…

  3. Baggie says:

    We are merely in socialism – that is communism before they round up all the bad people and put them in a ditch grave.

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  5. "lee n. field" says:

    Illinois, People’s Republic of: Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms, Lewis Machine and Tool, Forster Products & Armalite, just in my congressional district alone. Along with a bunch of machining places doing back end work for the gun industry.

  6. Awtha says:

    I have questioned for years, why these bastions of the gun industry have continued to be holed up in such anti-gun environs. I would consider a Kimber, etc, etc, save that a goodly portion of that sale money would go right into the tax pockets of NY, NJ, et al.
    S&W makes a great product (revolvers at least) but i still remember the sting of them climbing into bed with the clinton gun banners.
    Of course I understand the vast overhead of moving a factory, but where’s the cut off?

  7. tad stratton says:

    I agree with Awtha. I understand it would be very unsettleing to move employees, family and manufactureing from these states. But it would be much better in the long term to be located in free states. Also a move south would locate in a better climate, both weather and political.

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