Location advice needed for Nashville area

I need access to either a rock formation, or something mountainous (similar to Middle East or Afghanistan) or some urban ruin — but the catch is that I would bring rifles with me. Certain obvious locations in town are off limits for that reason. Suggestions?

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  1. William says:

    Black mountain comes to mind. Pigeon mountain on the back side on the horse trails there are where old n gauge rail tracks. Tracks long gone, small caves that were for the train good hike tell the local forestry what you are doing they should be ok. Its public use still has old pumps and gears on top. These are not nashville but good location.

    .next place would be centenial blvd behind western express is a truck sale lot cool guys run a used truck company lots room no grass no trees the desk people at western express know them cant remember the business name

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