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The Vepr continues to evolve

The original rifle was a standard 20″ .308 Vepr from Wolf Arms. 20″ barrel combined with Texas Weapons aperture sight on a dog leg scope rail = very long sight radius. Not yet installed but coming — fiber optic front … Continue reading

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A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

Mark Twain was right. The current gun control push is fueled by conducting a false flag operation (which Fast and Furious was and the school shootings may be), then quickly making many false claims about guns, medical privacy, freedom of … Continue reading

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Photo gear wish list

Panasonic GH3 (or a used G2 if I am being realistic). Olympus 60mm macro lens and 45/1.8 lenses. Canon 70-200/2.8 In order to get money for these acquisition, I’d like to get some of my older gear sold and even … Continue reading

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Matching flash hiders to barrel twist rate

Micro Defense designs for .223 (top) and .308 (bottom).

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Steel cased/jacketed ammo vs. brass-cased/copper-jacketed

Lucky Gunner just posted an extremely informative study. I have been very impressed with one of the brands they used, American Eagle (the target above was fired at 50 yards from a 20″ AR).

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Manticore Arms

I ran into a couple of guys from Manticore Arms at the Rockcastle Bullpup shoot in late September. A few of their designs went home with me and I finally got the photos edited. And this isn’t a gun part … Continue reading

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The “nobody needs” fallacy

Does anyone really need old family snapshots? Pictures of your child as a baby, or of your grandparents on their honeymoon have no monetary worth and nearly no practical value. What can you do with them, besides looking every few … Continue reading

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Why is our capital less free than the rest of the country?

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Which Constitutional right would you like to lose next?

PS: The shirt is real.

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The proud history of gun control

The historic background.

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What if my 30rd magazine is really a 10-rounder?

458SOCOM rifles use the standard .223 magazines which hold 10 rounds of the larger ammunition. Does this mean that 10-round .458 magazines would become very popular should the proposed ban go into effect? Their ability to hold 30 .223Rem cartridges … Continue reading

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Why does anyone even take these fiends seriously?

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Enhanced Vepr .308

Vepr rifle with 20″ barrel, Troy Battle Ax stock on ITT hydraulic buffer tube, Aimpoint Comp M2, Viridian X5L light/laser, SGM forend. The forend is going to be switched out for the Texas Weapons part shortly. I’d like to move … Continue reading

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XD9 Micro

A slightly smaller pistol than the compact previously shown, and with an updated C5L light/laser. This pistol is one of the most common, no-frills defensive weapons out there, a Honda Civic of pistols.

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A question for my readers

AWB2013 — what have you done about it? Have you at least called your representatives? Won’t do enough by itself but can’t be left out as an important component of the overall fight.

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The twisted “logic” of gun control laws.

This is a 10-22 receiver. By US law, this is considered a firearm. If you bring this item to a “gun-free” zone, you would be guilty of a felony. In case of Browning M1919 machine gun, the “firearm” is merely … Continue reading

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The presumption of linguistic ignorance

If I watch a French or a Czech film, it usually has subtitles for whatever languages are spoke on screen. If a character speaks German or Spanish, the words are subtitled. Most American movies just put a caption [speaks German] … Continue reading

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Several theories about Feinstein’s splash of enthusiasm about gun banning.

She’s grandstanding for her local electorate. It’s a feint to draw the attention away from the economic depression. She’s got some terminal disease and wants to become a martyr instead. She thinks this is the best time to actually accomplish … Continue reading

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