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How to *remove* a copyright notice from Facebook posts?

Recently, I added “Copyright:Oleg Volk (For use permission ask” into EXIF generated by my camera. Today, I notice that photos posted on Facebook directly pop that up in the captions, which I do not want. Any ideas how I … Continue reading

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For Sale: Trijicon Tripower (contact info corrected)

Also posted for a friend, Trijicon Tripower: MSRP – $796.00 MSRP – $150.00 The TriPower has a couple small cosmetic scratches from being mounted and unmounted from different weapons, other than that its never been used while shooting.  … Continue reading

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For Sale: EOTech 551 (contact info corrected)

I am posting several items for a friend. First, EOTech 551: Law Enforcement and Military Night Vision compattable Holographic Red Dot Sight 65 MOA Circle with 1 MOA Dot Reticle Matte Finnish, (MSRP – $469.00) N Battery comes with a … Continue reading

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Turning 18.

Three years ago, I took this photo of 15 year old Rachel. She had fun with the bolt action but had to shoot it from a support due to the stock length and considerable overall heft. Yesterday, I took photos … Continue reading

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Minimizing snubbie recoil.

This revolver came in for the upcoming Concealed Carry magazine article about the Rhino revolver family. It’s an interesting weapon that showed significantly better accuracy than expected of snubbies and rather mild felt recoil even with .357 ammunition. Being double … Continue reading

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The Old Issue

I am often reminded of Kipling lately. One I just heard capably performed by Leslie Fish: The Old Issue (the lyrics). You can get this and other Kipling poems set to music from her web site. The specific words that … Continue reading

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A wolverine is 6% of grizzly body weight with 200% of the attitude.

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Coyotes are charismatic.

They are also among the best adapted predators out there. PS: Dragging the 300/2.8 lens to the zoo was well worth the inconvenience.

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Updating a Garmin GPS?

I have a unit that’s about five years old. The maps in it are quite outdated. What’s the best option for getting them updated? I don’t think I can find the instruction manual or the cables for it anymore.

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AGP magazines for Saiga 12

These magazines were acquired last year for the Kushnapup project. Since my Kushnapup stock went towards a friend’s build (which I’d like to photograph eventually), I had these magazines and no gun for them. So I put them to some … Continue reading

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Obsolescent calibers

One approach to the current ammo shortage is to preserve the current calibers and use up less useful ammunition in practice. In my case, that means 7.62x54R gets used up in Mosins which are hardly useful for social purposes. The … Continue reading

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Minnesota was much too cold

We all had to huddle together for warmth.

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No longer posted against legal carry

Noshville on Broadway in Nashville. Minneapolis Art Institute I am glad that places I like can again be patronized without problems.

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Place to stay in Houston

I am seeking suggestions on where to stay in Houston during the NRA convention (May 3-5). I am not familiar with the city, so specific suggestions are welcome. (Update: local hospitality extended and accepted.)

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Minneapolis Art Institute

Was there today with friends. Friends had cameras, so good photos exist.

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