WTB: mid-size sedan in Nashville, TN

A close friend wants to buy a mid-size sedan (preferably Honda or Toyota). Price range $5-6,000. What can be reasonably expected at that price? Does anyone know of specific recommended vehicles for sale.

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  1. Samuel Suggs says:

    Something early-mid 90’s? Like this Civic http://nozama.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/03/20/1991_civicsiside.jpg you see them on used car lots everywhere and they still make and import a ton of parts because it’s a popular car for college and high school students.

  2. Gregory says:

    Honda Civic is the way to go. Stupid reliable and great gas mileage. Check out Autotrader.com.

  3. BLADE says:

    I’m on my second Civic, first one had 125K miles and was $5k, ran it to 225k miles, got $1200 trade in on another one with 23K miles or so it was $13k, have 60K miles on it jooting for the 225k. No major problems on either one. X2 on Autotrader, you can look to see what year the major price is and look for that year or one or two years older with low miles.

  4. dagamore says:

    for that price, and i know its not on the list, but still get a CrownVic P71 from a police/county auction, they are tanks, and very often run to 300K miles.

  5. Mark Horning says:

    In AZ the smog check on a pre-95 viehicle is a royal PITA. Don’t know about TN, but I’d recommend trying to stick with something 96 or newer. The on board diagnostics generally make troubleshooting much cheaper as well.

    Otherwise, Honda Civics tend to be reliable, if somewhat expensive to repair. The best mid-size car I ever owned was a Ford Contour though. Reliable, sporty, and quiet. They tend to be priced very low because the European styling (designed by Ford of Germany) didn’t quite match American tastes.

  6. Sigivald says:

    Autotrader suggests a Nashville Camry of about that price range will have 100-150kmi on it, and be 10-15 years old.

    Should be good for another 100k, probably, so not a bad deal.

    Downsizing to a Corolla barely changes the picture, or makes it a little worse.

    Didn’t price Hondas, but I’d expect about the same.

  7. Pinandpuller says:

    Tons of those types of cars on Craigslist. Plenty under five grand.

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