Photos for publications

These images were all made for print magazines. Most were published, some were not — now you can see them all here.

Czechpoint .357 revolver.

Higher left hand position would have been nice.

One reason to try to flee: handgun report would give that baby something to cry about. One reason to fire: better some hearing damage than morgue or orphanage.

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9 Responses to Photos for publications

  1. Where’s the holster for that gun, the one being used by the mother holding her baby?

    Or maybe that’s the baby sitter?

    Or a lady kidnapping the baby?

    Maybe, in response to an attempted breaking and entering, she picked up the gun inside the house, and ran outside to confront the threatening malefactor.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Maybe on her right hip, not visible to the camera?

      • How would she get the gun from her right side if she’s holding the baby with her right arm?

        Maybe she could if the holster were reversed, with the grips of the holstered pistol facing forward.

        But, what’s holding the holster?

        On closer re-examination, I can now see she is wearing a belt underneath her sweater.

        Obviously, she didn’t pick up the gun from off the table and run out of the house, because she appears to be standing in a school yard.

        I think all the various elements of this photograph could inspire an adventurous story.

  2. Ross says:

    Another argument for suppressors as safety devices!

    Great shots Oleg, as always!

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