Arrows quarrels and bolts

Where could I get a few Medieval-looking arrows and/or bolt for a photo shoot? They don’t have to be functional, but have to look old rather than modern in construction. I’d like to have them by January 20th.

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  1. Bear says:

    There’s an SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, medieval re-creation) group in Nashville. A lot of SCAdians are into period archery, including handmade tools.

    • falnfenix says:

      came here to make this suggestion. get in touch with their Live Weapons Marshal. he should have some suggestions for you.

  2. Forwarded to the Dark Horde ……

  3. Scribbler says:

    On the pricey side, but both functional and attractive:

    I’m sure you could find decorative only ones, but they might be almost as expensive.

  4. Lyle says:

    If it comes to it; my next door neighbor is a fletcher, and shoots long-bow, and he might could come up with something.

  5. Peter Clarke says:

    Feel free to shoot me an email, I can get you something or get you in direct contact with the live weapons marshal here in Nashville.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Probably to late…

    love 3 Rivers, but the hawkwood arrows look pretty modern. For the real thing:


    SCA sounds like a good idea. 🙂

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