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Flat Dark Earth

Sig M1911 Scorpion, Viridian X5L light/laser, Skallywag Tactical dagger.

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The main reason for Coonan popularity

Coonan pistols in particular are very accurate, have good triggers and tame the .357 recoil well — especially when compensated. Absence of barrel to cylinder gap means no pressure loss, so muzzle velocity of 1400fps with 158gr and 1600fps with … Continue reading

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Speaking of good holsters for uncommon guns…

…last year, I needed holsters for two FMK pistols. Turned out that Alessi is one of the very few companies making them. Since I carry Kahr P9 often and G26 sometimes in their leather — and it’s still like new … Continue reading

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Sideguard belt holster for HK USP9 compact

One of my closest friends had a USP 9 compact that he wasn’t carrying. Turns out the holster he had were either uncomfortable or too obvious to observers. Enter Sideguard holster and mag pouch. Problem solved. I borrowed that USP … Continue reading

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Today’s snapshots

Not quite as cold out today, so CZ527 came out to play. With iron sights, it’s a fast and handy brush carbine. With an optic, it’s set trigger allows considerable precision. Not warm enough to stay out long though… …so … Continue reading

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Snapshots of a sharp, pointy thing

Skallywag Tactical

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If you have nothing to hide…

Imagine a most upstanding human, righteous, kind and lawful. That human gets elected to hold some office. Should that person not worry about government spying because they would never find anything compromising about him? Surveillance can be used for more … Continue reading

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Thanks, Will!

While still sorting the many good photos that came out of the photo shoot at Will M-Four studio, I’d like to post a shout-out for Will and his site. Will’s kind invitation provided me with highly productive work day, new … Continue reading

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Arrows quarrels and bolts

Where could I get a few Medieval-looking arrows and/or bolt for a photo shoot? They don’t have to be functional, but have to look old rather than modern in construction. I’d like to have them by January 20th.

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Bright-eyed and pensive

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