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Edged modesty device in infrared light

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Canon T3 operation question

In live view, the screen seems proportional to the expected exposure. That’s useless in studio with flash.  Any idea how I could switch the LCD to display brighter images rather than the expected picture brightness?

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Back in 1999, when I shopped for my first AR15, my choices were narrowed down to two: 20″ A2 and  16″ Dissipator. The purchasing decision was based on the legal restrictions against flash hiders — I ended up with the … Continue reading

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Fun guns and the girls who shoot them

ATI STG44-22 is one of my favorite plinkers. Scoped, it’s impressively accurate.

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New posts on AllOUtdoor

Carrying Rimfire Ammunition in the Field Ithaca M49 Saddlegun  

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Selecting handgun pairs for carry and home defense: new on AllOutdoor

Overview of available strategies.

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Coming all the way from Russia

Maria Butina came all the way from Russia only to pose with a Russian-made Vepr .308 rifle (though modified so heavily in the US that very few of the original parts remain). TWS forend, dust cover, sight, SGM 25-round magazine, … Continue reading

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Отзыв на фильм: Единичка Пожалуй, один из лучших военных фильмов. И качество актёрской игры, и спец-эффекты, и сценарий — всё на высоком уровне. (The movie isn’t subtitled, so I doubt it would be of much interest to English-speaking viewers. The actors speak Russian, … Continue reading

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Light carbines on shipboard

Kel-Tec CMR30 .22wmr with Vortex Spitfire 3x scope RDB 5.56mm with Trijicon VCOG 1-6x scope

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Raising kids today to become independent humans of tomorrow

Alexis Nicole practices her pistol stance with papa. By the time she grows up, she will have one more skill that adds up with the others to an independent personhood.

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A rifle so light, an 8 year old can run it.

And the same 8 year old was able to handle it unsupported as well.  I.C.E.-designed AIR15 was quite a bit handier than her own M&P15-22.

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