Midwest Industries Light Carbine: new AllOutdoor

Intelligent design without fanaticism.

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  1. roo_ster says:


    Might want to tell MI to list the weight of the LW rifle on the product page:

    I got the weight of 5lbs 11oz from your article. Someone unaware of your article would remain in ignorance.

    Currently looking to buy/build an AR15 for my wife and daughter and such an AR15 is almost the ticket.

    Looks like a standard Ar15 with the following part selections:
    * Pencil/lightweight bbl
    * MI lightweight handguard
    * Bitty gas block

    The 1/8 rifling and .223 Wylde chamber seem at cross-purposes. For my own part, I would want 1/7 so as to facilitate the use of the .223 Wylde chamber and heavy projectiles for hunting.

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