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Don’t judge!

I don’t judge people for having one or more imaginary friends different from mine. I don’t judge them for eating or drinking something I wouldn’t touch. When they listen to strange music, watch TV shows or wear goofy outfits, I … Continue reading

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7.62x54R proved a bit much for the eight year old girl

A little while ago, Alexis tried SVD sniper rifle, found the recoil excessive. The slanted stock shape contributed to the problem. 6.5 Grendel, a mild cartridge with high ballistic coefficient bullets, may be the reasonable solution for her long-range use. … Continue reading

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OD Green Kel-Tec PMR30

A year or more ago, one of my friends lend me a brand new PMR30 for use in photos. I thought I knew who it was, but the person I asked declined any knowledge of it. I am done with … Continue reading

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Trijicon MRO in use

Smith & Wesson MP15-22 with cut down Plinker Tactical magazines (35 rounds down to 20, for shooting prone). The sight is Trijicon MRO provided to Alexis by the maker. I was quite impressed with it — the controls are simple … Continue reading

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The most serious threats are not always obvious

Terrorism gets a lot of attention. It doesn’t produce many casualties relative to the population size, and would produce even fewer if governments didn’t insist on disarming their own residents. The various government shenanigans with health care, restraints of trade … Continue reading

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How long does it take for a cell phone to connect?

A thought exercise for the unarmed: how long does it take for a phone to connect your 911 call? I’ve seen times ranging from about three seconds to nearly fifteen. Let’s assume three seconds and being able to hit speed … Continue reading

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Midwest Industries Light Carbine: new AllOutdoor

Intelligent design without fanaticism.

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Be very, verrry quiet…

…I’m hunting heffalumps. Or wabbits. Subsonic birdshot would work rather better on them.  

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Drones in Nashville, success!

Earlier, I asked how to learn all about drones. Today, I met with Snap Roll Media and it was a very friendly event. Looks like we will be striving to be mutually helpful. And my cat might gain airborne overwatch for his … Continue reading

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Pay Attention!


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The night is young, but we have enough NVG batteries

YHM Black Diamond carbine, Aimpoint CompM4, ATN NVM14 night vision monocular. Quite an accurate combination

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