One of my models with her carry pistol

Full-size 9mm STI with which she also competes. BTW, she’s looking for a job or freelance work either in Mesa, AZ area or by remote.  In her own words:

Business analysis is my primary job, I’ve had a focus on turning around unprofitable divisions before. My last major position was running operations, which business analysis experience helps with greatly.

I also know prototype worthy mechanical design, I’m rather skilled at visual design, and have expertise level working knowledge in the automotive field and firearms. My background in both physical and information security makes me a perfect fit for either side of security related fields, and segues well into firearms as well as related items.

Let me know if you want a copy of her resume. She’s a brilliant, reliable person.

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  1. Don Meaker says:

    Please send me her resume. I expect to have something opening up soon. It may be in Prescott AZ though.

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