Help my friend Marisa

My friend is running into serious health issues requiring surgery. The recovery period will require 8 week unpaid leave from work. She’s unhappy about asking for help, but it seems like the one remaining option to avoid destitution.

If you’d like to help her, here’s the fundraiser.

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5 Responses to Help my friend Marisa

  1. Rocky says:

    I’m in! Is she near enough to send a book to you to give to her for me? I’ve seen this picture before. Some time back, wasn’t it? I thought she had a daughter, too.

  2. Chuck says:

    I see she met her goal. If she needs more, please let us know.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      More would be a help. We are talking about a two month forced hiatus from the job, with medical expenses having drained savings already.

  3. Akatsukami says:


    Yesterday I kicked in a few bucks. This morning I got an e-mail telling me that the credit card I used is being cancelled because “your card may have been part of a compromise at an undisclosed merchant:.

    Coincidence? Perhaps…but has YouCaring been vetted?

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