Should California conservatives and libertarians move?

I think, yes. The state is beyond electoral salvation, and moving out would deprive California government of tax revenues and would, after the next Census, reduce the electoral weight of the state relative to others. Further, continued exposure to CA laws would increase the probability of being charged and convicted of some crime with lifetime prohibition on voting, gun ownership and other civil rights. The same applies to non-leftist residents of New Jersey and New York.

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15 Responses to Should California conservatives and libertarians move?

  1. Robert Evans says:

    Leaving would also prevent the Left from having a scapegoat to blame when the inevitable failure of the state occurs.

  2. Lyle says:

    They lose the tax base, the feds’ll bail them out. You’ll pay for their crimes whether you stay or go, bt Oleg’s point about being arrested is a good reson to go.

    Another is sure is that when things do go batshit (and that’s fairly likely) California and other Progressive rat nests will go the batshittiest. They have the largest populations of incompetents, and those incompetents will become desperate (and violent) very quickly. Just about any largish city, in any state, would be off limits as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Vince says:

    Yes. I lived there for ten years. It’s a nice place to visit but I may never go back.

    They have gone completely batshit crazy.

  4. Nts says:

    The plan is to move to a more civilized state. Those of you in more civilized States can help by building a more pro business, less leftard friendly state by pounding your lazy GOP wastes o’ skin to: adopt loser pays tort reform, restore full civil liability to cops and bureaucrats who misbehave under color of authority, strict right to work, impose AZ style restrictions on those caught employing illegals, enact laws to the effect that employers of illegals are principals to any crime the illegal commits while in the employer’s employ. These actions will stimulate economic growth and drain the demonrats’ power.

    • LarryArnold says:

      Personally, I’d rather reform immigration law to convert “illegals” into future citizens and guest workers. The folks from down South aren’t nearly as much trouble as the folks who move here because they can’t find a job in California, and then want to “Take Texas Blue!”

      Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the left and right-coast refugees who like Texas gun laws.

      “I’m fleeing New Jersey. How do I bring my guns into Texas?”
      “Load them in your car and drive across the border.”

      • Henry Bowman says:

        Ah how about no. They will vote leftist if you given them means to vote, that is why CA is in the shape it is, mass immigration from the 3rd world. Build a wall, start deportations, end birthright ciztenship, and reduce immigration to only Western nations/peoples.

  5. Eric Wilner says:

    Definitely past time to bug out. Another TN scouting trip this summer, then a mad scramble to sort through 28 years of clutter and get the house ready to sell.
    Another factor here is the so-called open-primary election system, whereby we end up with quite a few of the November races being between two Democrats. The Republicans have basically no chance of regaining any power at all (though they’re still the designated scapegoats for all that goes wrong), and the Libertarians have no prospect of even getting a candidate on the ballot.
    The (D) party leadership has gone quite mad, and the top priority seems to be counting coup on the enemy, where roughly half the electorate is considered “enemy”.
    It’s quite alarming to open the local paper on January 1st every year and see the long list of things which were legal yesterday and today are suddenly crimes. Not that there’ll be any real attempt at enforcement, mind you: a few random people will go to prison under the new laws, possibly for things the laws don’t technically prohibit, but actual outlaws will be unaffected.

    • Robert Gahl says:

      Been here in E. TN a bit over a year, having left the People’s Republik of Kalyfornya. Good plan.

      • Dannielle says:

        we did the same. we packed our things and fled across the border under cover of darkness (too hot to go during the day) 6 years ago

        we spent about a year outside of Richmond VA; while better than Commifornia still had a lot of the same entitlement mentality and nanny state leanings. good thing we kept the boxes.

        five years now here in the New River Valley in southwestern VA and it’s a little slice of heaven. the weather is pleasant. the people are friendly. we have a spacious home with acreage for less than I paid per month on a tiny 2 bdr duplex with a postage stamp yard in Sacramento. we even have our own range on it. and friends who come to shoot with us and neighbors who text “whatcha shooting today? oh, cool- how about we join you out there?” we wait less than ten minutes, not ten days to take possession of a new firearm and our local shop calls us when ammo goes on sale or special requests come in.

        Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin. we saw the writing on the wall. the tipping point was well past. we left. and I wholeheartedly suggest the rest of you do the same. let them try to support their nanny state without you. stop rewarding them financially for eroding your rights

  6. Mike Doyle says:

    Hear, Hear! If your vote with your fingers at the ballot box doesn’t work, vote with your feet and deprive the sociopaths of the benefits of your hard work (See also, “Going Galt”)…

    But, when you get to a free state, “Don’t give into the temptation of Californication!” In plain English, don’t leave a place that’s too effed-up to be liveable, move to a decent place, then promptly start making the new place as effed-up as the place you left behind. (Ask Texans about Austin, or Oregonians about Portland, if you don’t get it…)

  7. MajMike says:

    Yes. Move to Texas, but don’t Californicate us.

  8. An Oregon resident says:

    Washington state and Idaho are GREAT states for Californians to relocate to. Highly recommended!

    • Paul Koning says:

      Doesn’t Washington suffer from far-left policies similar to those of CA?

      • Some Guy in OR says:

        His response means “don’t move to Oregon, as Californians by default make this place worse.”

  9. Fred says:

    Cannot afford to leave NJ but if I could it would be to NC…Hoping to outlast leftist libtards when the time comes.

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