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The impossibility of surrender

Most gun owners don’t know exactly how many guns they own. That should not be surprise: most mechanics couldn’t tell you how many wrenches they have, either. Guns are tools, and sometimes objects of collection, sometimes heirlooms, sometimes wall decorations. … Continue reading

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Finishing the murderer’s job?

The 18 to 21 age group is already the most vulnerable to criminal victimization. Florida legislators obviously want them even worse off.

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When is old enough suddenly not old enough?

Very much adding confusion to a legal injury, the Florida legislators claim that people who were perfectly capable of legal actions must be stripped of that ability on the basis of their age…which is now insufficient. And yet, the same … Continue reading

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Old enough to fight for you…not old enough to protect herself?

Emancipated enough to volunteer for the military and be accepted. Not emancipated enough for the Florida legislators!

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One 19 year old committed a crime…every 19 year old in the state got punished!

Collective punishment is what occupying armies of totalitarian states do to subjugated populations. And now we know how Florida legislators view their neighbors.

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Safety first

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Backpack armor.

A friend from a body armor company just wrote: “With the shooting that happened in FL, we are about 3-4 months backordered on some products right now.” Since most of the armor for kids is used in the form of … Continue reading

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New lightweight armor

During Tennessee summer, the surplus vest I have gives the option of either cooking in it or risking exposure to gunfire. It’s also getting long in the tooth, and there’s no good way of testing Dyneema for degradation over time. … Continue reading

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Another article in the newest Blue Press

Numerology of Gun Control on pages 36-37.

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