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Waiting for the predator.

Certain creatures like my friend’s fowl as food. Certain friends prefer those creatures as pelts. Frontier model 22WMR with a 24″ barrel works well for the task.  

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A quiet parking lot in the woods

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Endorsement: Carol M. Swain for Nashville Mayor

She comes endorsed by several figures I consider credible, like Dinesh D’Souza. Her endorsement of Walter Williams as an authority is also telling. Unlike the other candidates, she has a track record of opposing tax increases. She’s also against gun … Continue reading

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Technology isn’t the devil.

Until 1994, any teen in America could buy a 30-round magazine, in person or by mail. From 1957 to 1968, they could buy an AR15 to go with it, mail order if they so wished. After 1968, they would have … Continue reading

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We lost another good man.

R Lee Ermey.

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Grand theft disguised as infrastructure building plotted by Davidson County, TN

My request is for every one of my readers, even if you are not in Nashville: please popularize this image where others from Tennessee might see it. Nashville political class is trying to steal a minimum of $9 BILLION for … Continue reading

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Individual or collective?

The difference between individual rights and collective responsibility may be illustrated with this example: imagine a group of half-dozen people which includes you. Every person in that group has a basic table utensils, a spoon, a knife and a fork. … Continue reading

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ATV Riders

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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

AmTac’s New Suppressors. 3D-Printed Inconel Sound Suppressors.

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The dreaded .512 caliber rifle

Despite the nomenclature, 56-50 rimfire cartridge actually fires a 0.512″ diameter bullet. It was pretty potent for a rimfire, on the order of 350gr and 1200fps, about on par with 44 Magnum from a long-barreled revolver. Tubular magazine in the … Continue reading

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M1903 with a 20-round magazine.

A small female martial artist might reach five feet with a kick. With proper tools, five hundred yard reach is not out of question.

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A good friend, a long-time American by choice, wrote this excellent essay. I post and propagate it because my friend cannot without dire consequences to self and family from state authorities acting as employers, educators and officious busibodies. It’s sad … Continue reading

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The deadly dangers of automatic transmission

In America, most cars involved in accidents and deliberate vehicular attacks have automatic transmissions. That’s no surprise, considering that most cars on the road have them. Almost everywhere else in the world, the auto transmission violence isn’t so prevalent. If … Continue reading

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The ethical imperative for small arms in private hands: new on GAT Daily

The ethical imperative for small arms in private hands.

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