Short or long rifle forend: new on DefenderOutdoors

Short or Long: Picking the Forend Length

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2 Responses to Short or long rifle forend: new on DefenderOutdoors

  1. LarryArnold says:

    I tend to want my AR to have a barrel shroud, if only so I can brag about the “shoulder thingy that goes up.” 😉

    • Lyle says:

      Hmm. Every rifle, with the rare exceptions like the rotating dual barrel muzzleloaders and the first Henry, has some kind of “barrel shroud”, in the broadest interpretation.

      I like the shorty AR handguards, but I also have the long A2 style on a Colt so it’s not a big deal to me.

      Some people want the longest possible handguard so they can reach as far out on the forend as possible, believing that it’s how you get the most muzzle control in running-n-gunning scenarios. I remain unconvinced, but for now give it a “plausible” while I wait for the gamers to come up with some entirely different technique.

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