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A blue watch face.

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Gothic piratical?

Writer Monalisa Foster with a rare .34 caliber percussion revolver.  A friend of mine is selling it (as is, the lockwork isn’t right) — let me know if interested.

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History you can touch

Inland M1 carbine and M1911A1.

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Firearms, a matter of credibility

Assuming an ideal spherical teenager in vacuum…ok, let’s not. Let’s use this very specific 12 year old in a hypothetical situation of being threatened by something human-like. From the perspective of the predator, which of her weapons would pose the … Continue reading

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Waste not

  The knife handle is coyote jawbone. The club for seal hunting is petrified walrus penis bone. Human parts aren’t generally used for crafts, but they make fine temporary display stands for arms.

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Pole arms and hoplophobes

I wonder why the fans of Markley’s Law don’t annoy the Swiss guardsmen with their helberds or the Japanese history reenactors with spears and naginatas. Seems to me, the users of pole arms are far more appropriate targets for the accusations … Continue reading

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New articles up on AllOutdoor

Push Knives Comparative Performance of Three Rifle-Caliber Pistols: Part 1: Kel-Tec PLR16 Part 2: Spike’s Tactical ST15-LE Part 3: Century Arms M92

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Sharp, pointy things

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Holsters for unusual combinations of lights and sidearms

Quick, who makes mass-produced holsters for Bersa BP9CC and Viridian C5L combination? The sheet number of possible permutations of lights, lasers and pistols is so great, that custom makers like Leatherneck Tactical have a niche market. Designed by an active … Continue reading

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Pistol bayonet revived

Pistol bayonets date back to at least the 17th century and as recently as WW1. Useful or silly, they make great gag gift and definitely turn heads at the range.   And, of course, the zombie edition.  

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Opmod knife

Opmod Browning knife.

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Spindrift knife from Skallywag Tactical

Skallywag Tactical

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A couple of old images

Rainy day.

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Flat Dark Earth

Sig M1911 Scorpion, Viridian X5L light/laser, Skallywag Tactical dagger.

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Snapshots of a sharp, pointy thing

Skallywag Tactical

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Knife and net

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Left-hand AR15

Just because 9mm carbines are girly, doesn’t mean that smaller bores should be neglected. Sarah gets long with the RRA .223 for southpaws just fine. Range report in a few. Other trivia: you can see a Sykes-Fairburn dagger and clips … Continue reading

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Only One Knife Left

$45 (SOLD) Icelandic pattern knife made from tractor trailer leaf suspension spring. I have one similar to it and it’s a very handy blade. Another one I had went to a friend as a wedding present — that’s the great … Continue reading

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Custom Knives by Nikolay.

My friend Nikolay makes awesome knives. I have a few of them here and just got done with the photos. Each one is unique, made of different materials and for different purposes. They are all for sale — and if … Continue reading

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Kim Breed Custom Knives — Sharp Jewelry

A friend brought several knives to show.

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