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Only One Knife Left

$45 (SOLD) Icelandic pattern knife made from tractor trailer leaf suspension spring. I have one similar to it and it’s a very handy blade. Another one I had went to a friend as a wedding present — that’s the great … Continue reading

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Custom Knives by Nikolay.

My friend Nikolay makes awesome knives. I have a few of them here and just got done with the photos. Each one is unique, made of different materials and for different purposes. They are all for sale — and if … Continue reading

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Kim Breed Custom Knives — Sharp Jewelry

A friend brought several knives to show.

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The best knife for a gunfight?

Probably makes retention drills easier. Might complicate re-holstering.

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Triple weapon light

Javelin J600W light, pretty bright.

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Michael Z Williamson

MadMike | Spartan knives

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A slim dagger.

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Another Benchmade, this time fixed blade.

From the same source as the folder.

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Benchmade axis lock folder

One of several photos I took today for G4P. Knife photos are very different from gun photos in terms of lighting, even though they are made of similar materials. Predictably, my favorite photo was made with 90mm tilt/shift lens — … Continue reading

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We don’t have to imagine a world without guns. Humanity already lived through it.

For those who wish to avoid gun violence in particular can always go to Burundi or Rwanda…the locals favor machetes there. Somehow, that environment doesn’t seem nearly as safe as the more firearm-friendly America. (Make-up by Tirzah Julius) A relevant … Continue reading

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Tess likes knives.

She’s more proficient with rifles. Tactical Solutions upper, Superior Arms lower, Tactical Innovations suppressor, Primary Arms red dot, Cavalry Manufacturing furinture.

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Good outdoor kit

Spartan Blades | PMR30

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For a closer shave

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The next best thing to a firearm.

When traveling in Europe, I found that batons were too heavy and often regulated, while folding knives were entirely kosher in most jurisdictions.

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What to get for someone who has everything?

Buying presents for many of my friends is hard. They can afford anything I can get them, and their kids are usually well taken care of as well. But I find that truly custom gifts — photographs, knives, other works … Continue reading

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How the blade rides.

I’ve mentioned Nikolay Ermolenko’s hand-forged knives before. This is how mine rides, in a sheath made by my friend Brian Keith. You can have a custom knife made by Nik for a pretty reasonable price — a unique and very … Continue reading

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Icelandic pattern knife by Nickolay Yermolenko

Based on a 10th century Icelandic design, this knife works equally well for utility or defense. The grip shape makes it almost impossible to let go unintentionally. And a basic table knife variant for variety: If you want one of … Continue reading

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Essentials for civilized living

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Not sure who made this knife

Looks pretty neat though.

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What’s in his nassssty pocketsssesss?

In Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall (now available freely on-line!), a historian visiting Rome gets shunted from 1939 to 536AD. Besides half-way decent knowledge of Latin, he has what was in his pockets at the time of the transfer: … Continue reading

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