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Various birds

Not sure what species this is.   Blue Heron? Seen from afar.    

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Just got back from Pennsylvania

Spent a week with Crickett Rifle company, have many new photos. They also have a very interesting new product in the works to be announced later this year, a logical extension of their expertise in precision manufacturing.

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One way to handle switchable barrels.

This 455Lux rifle is in 22WMR. It also accepts a 22LR barrel — with its own sights — and appropriate magazines. Plink with cheaper ammo, bust tree rats with faster 22 Magnum. Don’t have to re-zero.

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Domestication as an evolutionary success?

Domesticated animals have been around for tends of millions of years. Many ant species look after aphids in exchange for sugary secretions from their six-legged flocks. Human domestication of selected species certainly assured their survival to a far greater degree … Continue reading

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Snapshots from various years.

These have only one thing in common: they were taken with pocket cameras, either mine or borrowed.

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New on AllOutdoor: Henry Arms survival kit

Henry Arms survival kit reviewed by my friend Frank and photographed by me.

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Little mouse.

Today, while on a photo shoot with me and another friend, the author of Just People found this tiny comatose mouse. The model wanted to warm it up, but its prospects looked poor.

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New on AllAoutdoor: Maximizing .410 performance

Making the best of a marginal bore.

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Eight-point rat on the hoof

Spotted yesterday in Kentucky.

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Natural camouflage

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An early morning walk (nsfw)

Woke up before 6am this morning to re-set my waking hours to include more daylight. My friend showed up at six a.m. with some of the clothes she designed. We planned to shoot outdoor fashion, but got rain. I suggested … Continue reading

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Where to find a good forest trail in Minnesota?

Does anyone know about any predominantly coniferous forests or parks, with trails suitable for  hiking, within 100 miles from Twin Cities, Minnesota? There should be either public access or a possibility to negotiate access with the owner.

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A wolverine is 6% of grizzly body weight with 200% of the attitude.

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Coyotes are charismatic.

They are also among the best adapted predators out there. PS: Dragging the 300/2.8 lens to the zoo was well worth the inconvenience.

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Minnesota was much too cold

We all had to huddle together for warmth.

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Perfect shoes for a walk in the woods.

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A horse and a bird to make guessing easier

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Cats and Dogs

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Guess where I went.

Nominally a part of the US but an upper-tier third-world location in reality. (Photo by Tatyana Volk)

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