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The zombie-maker

Tirzah and her pet zombies.

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Gremlin at rest

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Visual musings

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Jilly, Marisa and Martini

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How to locate a pet?

What would be the best way to put a tracker on my cat? I’d like to be able to find him outside in case he ever gets injured and can’t return on his own.

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Other people’s cats

The story of social engineering by a cat is common, but the photo posted with it was too cute to pass up.

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My new pet

A trip to K&S World Market yielded this distinctive gentleman. Considering his valiant stand against the cat, perhaps the crawfish should be named Leonidas. Considering that he won’t come when called anyway, naming him would be a wasted effort. The … Continue reading

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Miniature panther

Gremlin stalking through tall grass

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Seeking freedom!

Gremlin already learned to unlock and open regular doors, but the sliding door is too heavy for him to handle.

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Surveyor of the realm

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Но слышу: — Жив зараза. Тащите в медсанбат! Расстреливать два раза уставы не велят.

This cat was alone of her litter to survive a euthanasia attempt. By the time my friends adopted her, she was terrified of people and possibly slightly brain-damaged. She’s very pretty and well coordinated, but acts as if she suspects … Continue reading

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Gray cat, green eyes

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Yellow cat with an attitude

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