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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

One tax stamp rifle that’s really short. Is the 12 Gauge the New 410?

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RDB-S prototype

16″ barrel, 26.1″ overall length with the stock extended — same length as M4 carbine collapsed, and with the same iron sight radius. Good trigger, not much felt recoil, weight 5.7lbs.The current version achieving 1.5MOA with 69gr match or 2MOA … Continue reading

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Flint River Armory CSA45 mark 2 is coming soon

While at World Rimfire Challenge in Alabama, I met with the new lead designer from FRA and returned the CSA45 I had. The original, while very promising, under-delivered on accuracy. He promised a revised version and I expected to see … Continue reading

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LAR9 carbine: new in OnTarget

Rock River Arms LAR-9 (My photos, review by Massad Ayoob)

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Post-ap done with more realism?

The only obviously missing aspect is some backpack for carrying useful sundries.

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The whites of their eyes

6-30x FFP scope (Now without a typo)

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Desktop wallpapers

Century Arms C39V2 with Accupoint 1-4x on a TWS railed cover, and Hailey Ordnance .30 Praetor suppressor. Kel-tec RFB 24″ with Vortex 4-16x scope, Viridian C5L laser, and Hailey Ordnance .30 Praetor suppressor. Supported on a lightweight Tango Down ACB4 … Continue reading

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A good question.

And the answers vary from “criminal intentions” to “treason”. Or well-meaning stupidity of such magnitude as to preclude a successful election campaign…so very unlikely.

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

A 3-round AR Magazine that Fits In Your Grip   MTR Tuckable Holster  

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Time machine of sorts

A couple of friends came by during their honeymoon back in 2004, and this was one of the photos made. I just edited it. It’s interesting to see how people evolve…and the photos provide a reference for how they once … Continue reading

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Two sides of the same person

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Propellant packaging

This compressor packages propellant for air rifles. Some of those rifles are small and throw 10 grains at 575fps. Others, slugs up to 411 grains at 800fps. I’ve used a hand pump for my Crosman Marauder, but it cannot produce … Continue reading

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YHM8900 integrally suppressed rifle

What to take to a quick trip with a new model to the neighbor’s farmland? Yankee Hill 8900 integrally suppressed clone of a 10-22 with a 1.5-4x Leupold scope. Ear safe with Aguila 40gr subsonics, and accurate enough for the … Continue reading

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“Custom” is all about what customers want: new on AllOutdoor

Fighting Sheepdog Rifles

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Rhonda Ezell

One of the heroes of the RKBA movement.

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Jard J67

New J67 review by Jay Langston with my photos.

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Lacey’s new rifle

Lacey is a singer and a song writer. She’s now also a competitive shooter. Here’s her new rifle, built with some assistance from UM Tactical.

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Zany Valkyrie

You can see more about this curious device at Forgotten Weapons.

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Range photos

All that swirling gas illustrates why it’s prudent to wear safety glasses. Images taken at Royal Range in Brentwood, TN. Both suppressors are made by Aklys Defense.

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New York Reload

“New York Reload” describes drawing a second gun in preference to reloading the first under fire. While tshirts describing the concept are available, the practice itself isn’t. NYC remains one of the most restrictive jurisdictions in regards to carry or … Continue reading

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