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ATV Riders

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Two articles in March ’18 Blue Press

My reviews of M+M 10x and Keltec RDB-S are up in Dillon Blue Press.

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Keltec RDB-S: new on AllOutdoor

What that rifle is, really.

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More factual arguments for RDB-S carbine

It’s lightweight and can be controlled with one hand. Collapsed, it can be comfortably fired by a 5 foot tall shooter. The strong hand grip is right around the boreline, so it’s easy to point accurately. It’s about the same … Continue reading

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

One tax stamp rifle that’s really short. Is the 12 Gauge the New 410?

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RDB-S prototype

16″ barrel, 26.1″ overall length with the stock extended — same length as M4 carbine collapsed, and with the same iron sight radius. Good trigger, not much felt recoil, weight 5.7lbs.The current version achieving 1.5MOA with 69gr match or 2MOA … Continue reading

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Rice Paddy Squat firing position

Advantages: Stable Keep the shooter out of the mud Easy to assume and to break he position Disadvantage: requires the ability to squat flat footed. In the absence of nearby dividers or roof, low cut shirt isn’t a brass magnet. … Continue reading

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Big 3 East portrait series

One of several portraits made during Big 3 East trade show, of a representative from Tactical RX. The company makes shot-resistant glasses (plain or with corrective lenses) that can stop steel shot at ten feet. This girl can shoot, too.

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

A 3-round AR Magazine that Fits In Your Grip   MTR Tuckable Holster  

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Time machine of sorts

A couple of friends came by during their honeymoon back in 2004, and this was one of the photos made. I just edited it. It’s interesting to see how people evolve…and the photos provide a reference for how they once … Continue reading

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Rhonda Ezell

One of the heroes of the RKBA movement.

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Lacey’s new rifle

Lacey is a singer and a song writer. She’s now also a competitive shooter. Here’s her new rifle, built with some assistance from UM Tactical.

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A modern viking


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Another custom rifle by Fighting Sheepdog

Watching Jen make op cans dance at 50 yards standing is always fun. And it’s a lot easier to get correctly posed photos if the model isn’t just pretending competency. Fighting Sheepdog

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Safety rules aren’t rocket surgery

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The multi-faceted AR15

Advanced but still recognizably classic 5.56x45mm AR15 by KE Arms. DSG Arms mag pouch detail. The same shooter with the new model 5.7x28mm AR57 upper on a GWACS Armory polymer lower.

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Girl’s fallen in with baaaaad company

Just look at those rogues! And the result? She’s running hippie-blessed 5.56mm instead of the good ol’ orthodox 7.62mm like a man! Disgusting, don’t you think?

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Office help

One of the best things about freelancing: I get to choose who works with me.

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RDB carbine in action

In slow motion, the lack of muzzle rise on recoil is very obvious. More RDB info.

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Range Officer

On stage. After the event.

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