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Country, not serf

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Three feet and five inches.

Swords have been around since 1600BCE. Pistols, including revolvers, since the early 1500s. Government efforts to restrict their use to the “right people” go back about as far. The “right people” are typically the members of the party in power. … Continue reading

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She’s no mechanic!

She may have a grease gun, but the cars she serviced catch fire more than they run…

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Selecting handgun pairs for carry and home defense: new on AllOutdoor

Overview of available strategies.

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XDM 45ACP longslide

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Bad nightmares about good things

Last night’s dream was amusing enough, in retrospect, to be written up. I was going through an airport with my parents and a couple of friends who visited from Germany. My parents went ahead, I hanged back with the tourists. … Continue reading

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Use cover

While not ideal cover, the vault door is a pretty good start on not getting shot. The actual position is the balance between having a wide field of view, pushing the muzzle out to avoid trapping the muzzle blast next to the … Continue reading

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One advantage of working with competent models

I don’t own any XD or XDM pistols. This model brought her own pistol to the photo shoot, which gave me an opportunity to include it as a prop. It’s also helpful that I don’t have to pay attention to … Continue reading

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Snake skin holster

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks makes awesome holsters. This one is made of snake skin.

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Dan Wesson ECO review: new on AllOutdoor

A review written by my friend Michelle, with my photos. (Scroll down on the linked page for additional images.)

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Boberg XR45-S

This pistol’s claim to fame are its specifications: 3.75″ barrel, 22oz weight, low felt recoil, easy to rack slide, good accuracy. The size is really pushing it for a front pocket gun, but it’s sized just right for a jacket or … Continue reading

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Short M1911s

One of my models is on a quest for a short M1911 (with 3-inch barrel), currently considering a Kimber. Which companies make short, reliable 1911s in 45ACP?

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Tropical uniform

Boberg XR45-S, a small, accurate, softly recoiling bullpup .45 pistol.

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Unwinding between bouts of work

My tech support is in town. Ingram 45ACp submachine gun with a home-made (properly tax stamped) Scionics-type silencer. No usable sights (needs a red dot) but can be point shot fairly well out to 35-40 yards.

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Low-recoil 45ACP compact

The extra 1.5″ of barrel length and +1 round of capacity relative to other compact 45s are nice, but it’s the very low felt recoil that I like best about Boberg XR45-S. Plus, it is accurate and works with a wide … Continue reading

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I aim to misbehave

UMP45 submachine gun. And it’s never been more fun!

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M1911 tshirt

One of many neat designs from 1791 Apparel.

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Boberg XR45-S is finally shipping

If you place your order by Friday, July 11th, they will supply two extra magazines (for a total of four), plus one item of your choice from their hat & t-shirt designs. At $1200, it’s an an expensive pistol, but … Continue reading

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Personal endorsement: XR45-S

I currently carry XR9L and 9S pistols as the compact/subcompact options, and recommend XR45S for those who prefer larger bores. You can get cheaper subcompact guns, but none combine the long bullpup barrel, the low recoil of rotary breech, the … Continue reading

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Recoil in sub-compact 45ACP pistol

Recently, I had a chance to fire a few rounds through one of the Boberg XR45-S prototypes. It’s a controlled-feed bullpup pistol with 3.75″ barrel is a short 5.77″ slide. I wrote about it in detail earlier. Subjective impression from … Continue reading

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