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Post-ap done with more realism?

The only obviously missing aspect is some backpack for carrying useful sundries.

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Good people I know

Three gunsmiths socializing in the manner to which they are accustomed. Scott cleans up well, so he’s showed up in quite a few of the commercial ads and editorials I’ve made. He’s pretty hardy, too.

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Some girls get excited by gold and diamonds…

…others, by steel, brass and lead. Which would make a better teammate? “Сама не летает и другим не даёт.”

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Waiting patiently

Czech vz24 Mauser, 8mm.

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“Civilize them with a Krag”: new on AllOutdoor

Can 120 year old designs suffice for modern riot control?

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A point worth re-visiting.

The only question worth asking about any gun control push is: “What’s their end goal?” The answer is usually a subjugation of a disarmed people along with imprisonment or extermination of defenseless dissidents. Sometimes disarmament is pushed along ethnic, religious … Continue reading

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Alexandria behind the gun

M98K Mauser carbine, Walther P38 pistol. As usual, don’t pull a trigger on live ammo without eye and ear protection…unless fighting for your life.

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Yugoslav M48 Mauser

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An Aryan superman

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Mauser rifle and matching tshirt

Yugoslav 7.92mm Mauser with a couple of non-obvious customizations: Timney trigger and U-notch instead of v-notch rear sight. Neat tshirt from 1791 Apparel.

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Cyrano had his sword. She has her Mauser.

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On a recent photo shoot

Photo by C Scott Bragg

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