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No war before coffee.

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1.5MOA AK rifle

Century C39v2, CMC trigger and a 1-4x scope on a railed top cover add up to a super accurate AK: 1.5MOA with Federal Fusion, 1.75MOA with Red Army Standard. Pretty amazing for the platform. The rifle ended up heavy once … Continue reading

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A true sign of an effete civilization…

…is the reluctance to initiate warfare, rapine and bloody mayhem, like true servants of benevolent gods do. Instead, we wait, like little scared bitches, for others to start the fight so that we can end it without guilt.

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Bigger is Better: new on AllOutdoor

SGM Tactical Magazines for Saiga

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MM10X rifle: new on AllOutdoor

An early look at the next best thing in 7.62×39

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A Magazine Alternative for the GSG AK47-22: new on AllOutdoor

A 30-rounder that works well.

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Minimal upgrades for a Romanian AK

Friends just dragged in this curious collection of parts. I am puzzled by seemingly ratty weapons being used by very competent people. Light mount is in evidence under the barrel. Somehow, they managed to graft an A2 flash hider onto … Continue reading

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Socializing with native troops

She looks in dire need of humanitarian aid, ear and eye protection. A 30mm grenade launcher wouldn’t hurt, either.  

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Busy time

Lots of visitors these days. Some haven’t changed much in five years, others grew up in just two.  Lots of new guns, too.   The guests socialize and share knowledge. Learning the proper stance, practicing trigger control with dry fire. … Continue reading

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Guns make a girl smile

And a bonus redhead picture:

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Norden Performance 1-6x scope

Scope (and an informative review of it) | TWS optic rail (maintains zero even with 10x scopes)

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1920px wallpaper

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Improving AK sights

Norden Performance 1-6x scope on an AK with TWS rail and forend.

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Smile with teeth.

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Two AK rifles for sale by my friends

Bulgarian .223 shortie AK74: “Factory wood foregrip and a plastic railed foregrip, 6 magazines (3 black and 3 clear). It’s the SBR done by Tim Foreman. 200rnds ran through it.” Asking $2250. NFA rules apply. I shot this rifle and … Continue reading

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Red dots on AKs and shotguns

Having used Bulgarian, Polish and certain US polymer magazines, I am a convert. Steel is just too heavy for the same result. AK is a 3-4MOA rifle and yet nobody questions the utility of a red dot sight for improved … Continue reading

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A 75-count can of whoopass.

The usual: AK47 clone with Aimpoint micro on an Ultimak rail. Still works. The shooter is a professor of Renaissance literature and a professional MMA fighter in real life.

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Co-witnessing AK sights with a red dot

Take an AK, add a TWS top cover with replacement open sights (or a peep sight), add an Aimpoint Micro (or a clone) without a base. Secure with four screws. Done! The machine top cover is  sprung to stay firmly … Continue reading

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75-round handrest

I’ve always liked these drum magazine for providing a comfortable hand rest of firing standing.

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More portraits from liberal Austin, TX

(Explanation of the caption) Snapshots from my visit with TWS.

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