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My cat’s self-image.

My psycho furbie Gremlin thinks he’s the top creature of the neighborhood. Occasionally, reality bites him as a reminder of other opinions.

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A pretty calico kitty

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Baby Gremlin

Photo from 2007.

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The master of the household

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Pole arms and hoplophobes

I wonder why the fans of Markley’s Law don’t annoy the Swiss guardsmen with their helberds or the Japanese history reenactors with spears and naginatas. Seems to me, the users of pole arms are far more appropriate targets for the accusations … Continue reading

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My favorite photo of the day

Alexis Nicole stopped by for a photo shoot today. Gremlin took an immediate liking to her. I can see why — she’s a very impressive and multi-talented young lady.

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Orange cat named Lucy

Read the name from the collar. Aren’t high-resolution cameras great? Oh, and this is a 50% crop.

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Vintage Gremlin

  Interesting just how much the color of his fur changes depending on the light. November 2011.  

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SCAR-H with Gemtech muzzle blast mitigation shield, Aimpoint T1, Inforce light. Camo by Kryptek.

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Camouflage coat matches the floor.  

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On a Saturday evening

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Sign of the times…how to survive the global warming

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Best furry friends

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Playing hard to get

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Cats of Berne

The biggest challenge with this cat was staying far enough away to focus. It was very friendly. And this illustrates the importance of cropping to the semantic content.

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Studio cat in repose

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More snapshots from Prague

Typical Czech river sailors? Nice legs. A boy and a girl A doggie date A small pride of cats A spaniel? (Update) Apparently a dachshund.

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How to wake up a PC from sleep mode?

My new keyboard has a “sleep” button on it. The cat presses it regularly. Every time that happens, I have to hard reboot as the computer won’t come out of sleep mode. That isn’t the case if the sleep is … Continue reading

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Kathy Jackson with a cornered cat.

Gremlin with Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat fame. While she’s a great writer and a highly regarded self-defense trainer, I get an impression that the furbie appreciates her more for being cuddly. So sexist!

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The Great Black Hunter

Gremlin and his field staff on a mouse hunt. Two foes in feldgrau fur coats fell prey to his might.

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